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NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 On Linux

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    Originally posted by shmerl View Post
    Evga version of 610 is even cheaper on Newegg:
    I do not recommend that if you want to run it with nouveau: . Altough I do have an aged mobo, I recommend you do not purchase that specific card.

    Furthermore, the article states that some results will be worse with nouveau. That is true, but the nouveau driver runs UrbanTerror quite decent actually. The only thing that is not working is adjusting the brightness.

    But for now, I'm stuck with the blob .


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      Originally posted by Sonadow View Post
      I am still unconvinced about the usefulness of a low-end dedicated graphics card like the GT610 when the onboard graphics on AMD's APUs and Intel's CPUs have reached a point where they are good enough for low-end gaming and still consume lesser power.
      Yes, I would agree. I'm looking at upgrading an old antec fusion HPTC that has an nvidia 8600gt silent and amd 6000 x 2 (125W - Yes I know, it was lying around) to an AMD A10-6700 (65w), 8gb 1866mhz mem and a FM2+ mobo with just using the on chip graphics. The Radeon HD 8670D I believe gives roughly nvidia 640 performance and the CPU is roughly I3 ivy bridge. It will be used for some moderate gaming by my daughter (eg minecraft, sims 3 etc) and I was wondering if anyone has built anything similar and what are their thoughts ?

      NB my budget is about 240 euros



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        Amd 5450

        I was glad to see this vs. the 5450 from AMD, which I use in my downstairs "steam box." I mainly play the less demanding games on that (i.e. Super Meat Boy, etc). That 5450 was purchased 2 years ago, so this is funny to see vs. a "new" card.


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          Originally posted by pandev92 View Post
          I recommend minimum, the nvidia gt620 for an htcp, the gt610 is a completely waste of money.
          Not necessarily. If you are after just great HD playback, proper working HD audio and a passive solution the GT-520/GT-610 fits the bill perfectly.