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NVIDIA 304.60 Driver Fixes Bugs

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    Guess you're right. ^_^

    The reason I said so is mostly, as you mentioned, the near complete lack of moderation.
    Even myself, I should have gotten some infractions till now.
    The lack of moderation has kinda resulted in a "culture" of trolling here it seems.


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      Heh, well at least you can see it. I've been idly reading Phoronix for a while but never posted because of the state of the forums. To be fair, anarchy is kind of the Linux way anyway, so one could argue it's true to the spirit of Linux that things remain unmoderated. But it only takes one idiot (asdx) to start posting flames without actually contributing something useful to the discussion, and then it all goes pear-shaped.

      Ah well. I just had to get it off my chest. Back to being a reader, at least until/if Michael starts properly moderating. You may now resume your abuses gentlemen.


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        Originally posted by necro-lover View Post
        whats wrong buddy? no I'm not ASDX thats for sure.
        I never mentioned your name, did the shoe fit?

        And what do you mean with "some kind of paranoid conspiracy theorist trolls out to get nvidia? Or" ?
        I meant just what I wrote. I can recognize one when I see one.

        why do you think such a bad stuff?
        I don't know, maybe because of 6 pages with conspiracy theories and lunatic posts in a driver update thread?

        and another question: why in hell do you read my stuff if you don't like it ?
        Who said I read your posts? I just skim the first sentence in your posts and when I realize it's the same broken record I stop reading.