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Testing NVIDIA's Linux Threaded OpenGL Optimizations

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    Originally posted by Del_ View Post
    etracer is Extreme Tuxracer
    Haha. ok :P

    So, here is the output from "glxinfo|grep NVIDIA":

    johan@shahrizai-Desktop:~$ glxinfo|grep NVIDIA
    server glx vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation
    client glx vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation
    OpenGL vendor string: NVIDIA Corporation
    OpenGL version string: 4.3.0 NVIDIA 310.14
    OpenGL shading language version string: 4.30 NVIDIA via Cg compiler
    They should be right, they were downloaded from, so ...

    Anyway, I tried to run the game before I installed these drivers, using the nvidia-current. That did not work either, but I got different error messages from Wine then. Could they be related? (I cannot re-generate those error-messages now, but I did not see anything there about

    Edit: I will install Oil Rush now through Desura, just to check that OpenGL is working at all.
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      Yeah, dont know yet, will check now by installing Oil Rush


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        Alright, yes, it works. Oil Rush ran better than ever.


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          Originally posted by pingufunkybeat View Post
          You are an idiot.

          You can have any opinion on software licencing and video drivers you wish, that's legitimate. But calling people who are giving you free code "garbage" just because your game runs faster with a different driver is psychopathic behaviour.

          You are ill.
          Damn right this GT220 is really the most advanced open-source hater i ever see in a Linux forum.

          Hey GT220 why not join a Islamic terror organisation and fight the FREE world with real weapons instead constantly write bullshit here?

          I think the "CIA" is better in handling this kind of "GT220" hate speech people.


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            Yes, we are all idiots... oh, wait no?

            So back on topic again. Since Oil Rush ran fine, and my drivers are correct, and everything else works. Could Wine itself be the problem here? Then why did it work for the guy who had tested with WoW? I wish he could come back to this thread


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              You have to install 32 bit opengl libs. If you want to know how this works with debian wheezy/sid (or kanotix dragonfire) you could look into irc:// and ask the bot !nvdeb . For squeeze the pure nvidia installer could be used but you should never use it onto a system that is multiarch.


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                Send him a PM; maybe he'll help you.

                Or does WINE have a forum where you could ask? Somebody there would probably know for sure.


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                  Well - they did say this is very software dependent, not an "all across the board magical performance boost". Seems like it's ok that some games wouldn't work as good, and that nVidia was right in optimizing as they were before.


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                    32-bit libs sounds like a good suggestion. You were prompted about whether you wanted to install them when you installed the nvidia driver. If you did not install them, then just run the installer once more and make sure you get them. I did install them.


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                      Well other distros like U install the complete content of the driver archive incl. 32 bit libs by default, but debian does not. There it is splitted into several packages. You can install 310.14 already when you use debian experimental. Similar for fglrx - in experimental is 12-9 beta.


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                        Hey all, I just had a good night sleep
                        Anyway, yeah, the first time, I installed both lib32 and "normal" libs from the Nvidia installer (I was promted about it during installation and I chose to install them). That is when I got these problems. So I uninstalled Ubuntu (yes, re-installed EVERYTHING), this time, I tried to run with nvidia-current --> No go. Then I installed the drivers without the 32bit libs --> no go. Could it be that it tried to use the 64bit libs even if the 32bits were installed?

                        And yes, I'm discussing it on the Wine forum aswell.


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                          Well just visit my irc channel and try kanotix, you will definitely get a working nvidia driver install. you get links to newer versions there - wine is already preinstalled in multiarch way for latest testing images.


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                            Interesting! I checked it out at ( I don't use IRC).

                            I'll put in on my USB and test it

                            (If it is not working I will ... ... spend even more time to re-install Ubuntu *sigh* .. Or I could try Kubuntu. I think that was what Del was using?)
                            However, what I want is not just to have a "working nvidia driver install" like you said... I want specifically the 310.14 drivers (that this thread is about), to work.
                            But anyway, I'm downloading now... I'll give it a try.
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                              Originally posted by asdx

                              I'm not trying to give excuses for my bad behavior, I will stop, but I think we need to get others to stop also.

                              Anyway, sorry.
                              Don't say a damned word of sorry when you have no intention of BEING sorry or even stopping. Anybody can count the number of times you clearly showed total disregard for your own apology every time a discussion on a blob is raised.

                              You think 'sorry' is a cure all? Can I punch you in the face and knock out your teeth just because I hate the words coming out your mouth, and then say sorry afterwards? Because that is exactly what YOU are doing.


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                                Originally posted by Sonadow View Post
                                You think 'sorry' is a cure all? Can I punch you in the face and knock out your teeth just because I hate the words coming out your mouth, and then say sorry afterwards? Because that is exactly what YOU are doing.
                                You in desperate need of face punching or .. whats the point of your post?..