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NVIDIA Comments On Its Linux Driver Architectue

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    Originally posted by NSLW View Post
    It seems like you don't get it. I wont reply to trolling.
    I think I know what you where trying to get at, but I wanted to be sure about it before starting to bisect on why the whole xorg development or the linux kernel development is communistic by that same logic, and it did not sound like you approved of that "communistic" part (at least not when you paired it with fascism).
    But still this is a *nix forum you are commenting on, so either you are only here to mock the development idea about shared knowledge is good knowledge (and are thereby a troll by default), you are so stupid you do not really know what you are talking about, or you are just so vague a person can interpret you a bit how they like. I hope it is the last case.


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      Originally posted by Xake View Post
      Well that is one kind of API, but you also got that "new kernel version" or "new Xorg version" kinds of API/ABI...
      As far as "new kernel version" or "new Xorg version" goes nvidia has an excellent record with keeping current. Usually the day (sometimes even before) a final kernel or xorg version is out there is also a nvidia blob driver out there to support it. With AMD, I do realize that this is a sore point with their blobs which are often lagging behind in those scenarios.


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        BTW Michael, you might want to correct the spelling in the title.



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          They better should start supporting Optimus on Linux (and with support I mean at least make "either or" working), else this gonna be a disaster for Nvidia on Linux.


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            Originally posted by mirza View Post
            Nice he confirmed my theory that problem with drivers is size of NVIDIA (and AMD) Linux team(s). After all, there must be someone to take care of poor Win98/ME users and how it works for them! And to make sure one of them has DX12 3 days earlier then the other one, thats something! Actually, NVIDIA Linux team and AMD Linux team should merge, then both guys together might actually create something open and useful, in the basement of one of those gigantic companies with thousands of employees. </flame>
            It will be a cold day in Hell when that happens.