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VLC Media Player To Receive VDPAU Support

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    Now they only need to start supporting VA API, too.


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      Originally posted by Kano View Post
      I did not say that, i only mentioned G98 for VC-1. Anything wrong with it?
      Nope sorry, just read your reply the wrong way.


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        Originally posted by BlackStar View Post
        Isn't it be possible to dump the symbols and deduce the header from the mangled names? I think Michael said that Amd's API is a simple extension to the existing video decode acceleration (sorry, I can't remember yet another acronym ) - I'm not saying it's worth the effort, but it could make for a fun afternoon.
        Nope. Firstly, the API is C, so no mangled symbols. Most of the functions used to be wrappers of some sort around C++ code, but it looks like this is no longer true. Secondly, this just gives you the type names of the arguments - there's still no way of figuring out the layout of structs passed to the functions (e.g. XVBA_BUFFER_DESCRIPTOR), the argument names, or the return types. Any magic constants are right out.

        Also, with 8.12 the API seems to have changed to become more freestanding and less of an extension to XvMC. Plus, at the same time, the C functions stopped being simple wrappers around C++ function calls, so no guessing the API that way.