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    Originally posted by Pajn View Post
    No, I have about 10px that I can grab to resize , which is plenty and more than average.
    Yes, probably enough, but the position of it is not sharp, it is offset in the sense that the corner is taken from the window shadow and not the window corner itself. Moreover using different combination of hardware and free/proprietary drivers, this problem is more or less sensible.

    Originally posted by Pajn View Post
    Never happened to me.
    Well I'm a programmer so I typically use IDEs but I do use libreoffice for writing reports and charts.
    Talking about libreoffice, this happens really often using libreoffice impress, if you are not seeing, that may be the reason. This really happens frequently, I think I could find a scenario really easily to reproduce it, again if I find time.

    Originally posted by Pajn View Post
    It will be maximized if you drag it above the panel, not else. And do you have any other reason to drag the window above the panel?
    No, really not. Just do the experience: open a window (a terminal for instance), do not maximise it, and move to a second virtual desktop. To go back to the original window, click on the dash icon. At at certain point your window will start to move by itself, or start to be split amongst multiple desktops, and blam you're done.

    To be probably more generic, I could probably formulate it the other way: if you have one window crossing multiple desktops (for instance you just move one window a little and it starts to overlap between two virtual desktops), then its bbehaviour starts to become erratic concerning its position.

    Originally posted by Pajn View Post
    If you don't know where you have putted your windows, you shall probably not use multiple screens.
    I have one only screen.

    Originally posted by Pajn View Post
    Also everyone else behaves the same.
    I agree that the update manager is stupid, it shall put only a small notification that I can click on if I want.

    Originally posted by Pajn View Post
    I have a pc/server that I never turn of and it ain't crashing either.
    I had the same issue yesterday again: when logged in, try to go to the console (ctrl+alt+F1) and then back: the system seems to be frozen ...
    If you can connect from another computer, then you see that Xorg is using 100% CPU, it is not able to handle this vt switch. This is not the whole system per se, but this behaviour is really a pain.

    A as sidenote, I'm not really a developper but a researcher which uses this computer daily for more than 15 years for doing research. I have to use Ubuntu since I'm not the administrator of the machine, and I have limited power on my system, so I keep going with Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS ...

    I've used many distributions in the past, including Fedora, Mandriva, Mint, Debian, openSUSE, ... and I have never encountered such iodiosyncratic behaviours using the WM they provided, even in GNOME 1 and before, or KDE 1 and after.

    I'm using on a regularly basis 3D rendering for viewing molecules, and there the system crashes (I mean Xorg + proprietary drivers). Not everything is related to Ubuntu + Unity itself, but I see those crashes happening more regularly using Unity.

    The issues observed in third-party applications (libreoffice for instance) were not observed in the past using other distributions.

    This is not FUD, only facts I am encountering. If time permits, I will submit a detailed article on this to Michael, since for a more advanced usage than "developping", some aspects are really weird using Ubuntu.

    Last, I have written more than 50 articles on distributions in a paper magazine, so concerning performances and drawbacks, I can put figure on words (search for me at ).


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      It makes me actually consider getting a tablet and installing Ubuntu.