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Mir Now Supports Four Android GPUs/Drivers

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    Originally posted by wargames View Post
    A better question would be: How in hell are they going to adapt the user interface of gimp/libreoffice/blender/etc to make them run on a tablet?
    Canonical does not contribute to community projects.


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      Originally posted by BO$$ View Post
      Slowly but surely Canonical is winning, despite protests from the haters.
      They are competing with Mer / Nemo / Sailfish, so let's see who'll be ahead. Nemo already promised to provide libhybris / Wayland based installation on any device where Cyanogen Mod can run.


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        Originally posted by Awesomeness View Post
        Canonical does not contribute to community projects.
        Well besides a few exceptions like LXC, OpenStack, ARM kernel/toolchain/gcc (via of Linaro), Debian, Libreoffice, a number of python and go libraries, apparmor, sosreport, et al. Then there are other Canonical projects that are widely used like cloud-init (RHEL, SLES, Amazon Linux) and formerly upstart (still used on ChromeOS) and contributions that were rejected like appindicators or not picked up by others (lightdm). Bzr, Launchpad... Like them or not, these things exist. Oh wait, the CLA! So something like cloud-init (the standard for bootstrapping linux cloud instances) probably doesn't count for the angry brigade.

        Not that I expect to change anyone's mind. It's just nuts reading these forums where people keep talking without knowing what they are talking about because they read something on a blog somewhere or watched Greg KH complain about kernel contributions.

        (yes, I have been trolled, I'll have a nice day now...)