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Ubuntu 14.04 Codename Revealed, Mir Haters Attacked

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  • Ubuntu 14.04 Codename Revealed, Mir Haters Attacked

    Phoronix: Ubuntu 14.04 Codename Revealed, Mir Haters Attacked

    Mark Shuttleworth has revealed the codename of the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS release while also having some choice words about those criticizing Canonical's Mir Display Server, and comparing them to an Open Source Tea Party...

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    As always Mark S. is handling the PR superbly... NOT!


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      Well, this is awkward... I'm an actual Tea Partier and I have nothing against Mir... In fact, I kind of welcome the competition; it was a bit odd when the whole thing got started, but it's settled down and seems to be turning into a viable alternative to Wayland. Since most programs use a toolkit like GTK+ or Qt anyways, supporting both shouldn't really be a problem most of the time, either.

      I do have something against Mr. Shuttleworth, however.


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        He does understand that the Tea Party is a fringe group of loonies, not a large segmet of the political populus in America, right? Taking that logic, doing something totally unecessary and questioning what most other recognized parties have concluded as the way forward, it would make sense to characterize Canonical as the Tea Party. Most people see Wayland as the path forward, except Canonical and to hear them tell it, up is down and right is left.

        Pretty soon, Canonical will start telling us not to trust the mainstream Linux media because they are pushing a liberal Wayland agenda. Wayland will be Obamacare in 3,2,1...


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          Iím enjoying it on my laptop and loving the gaming benchmarks for native Mir.
          How about giving us the benchmark results if they are so good?


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            I have some kindly words for Sr. Mark Shuttleworth...

            FUCK YOU!

            Open Source Tea Party? Well, some of US prefer true Free Source/Software than CLA encumbered software. What's Canonical agenda? other than try monopolizing FOSS and become the Microsoft of Linux-based distributions?


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              He accurately attacks RedHat, who develops nearly everything without stupid CLA.
              He attacks systemd (this is how its spelled, Mark), which is huge leap forward - cutting shell scripts, redundancy and increasing efficiency - speed, security,- by means of integration. Systemd did not copy anything.

              He claims Mir to bring "speed, quality, reliability, efficiency", but hello - this is just display server. Parts you specified depend upon MANY applications, not only display server. Instead of being ubuntu - helping the ecosystem develop, you develop in-house clone and hope this clone to solve everything.

              Valve is more ubuntu, than Ubuntu.

              Originally posted by Mark
              When lots of competitors attack a project on purely political grounds, you have to wonder what THEIR agenda is.
              Well, Mark, you don't have to wonder about THEIR agenda, because they have NONE compared to you.
              They want to have LESS duplication in toolkits and drivers. You have your own in-house copy-paste (from Wayland) display server, you have in-house much less capable Upstart - which you refused to replace with more advanced systemd ONLY because you have CLA on it.
              You want CONTROL in your own POLITICAL AGENDA. You do everything to retain it, hurting anything rational. And you want people to develop for you. This is microsoft policy.


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                Originally posted by joeshmoe42 View Post
                Well, this is awkward... I'm an actual Tea Partier and I have nothing against Mir... In fact, I kind of welcome the competition; it was a bit odd when the whole thing got started, but it's settled down and seems to be turning into a viable alternative to Wayland. Since most programs use a toolkit like GTK+ or Qt anyways, supporting both shouldn't really be a problem most of the time, either.

                I do have something against Mr. Shuttleworth, however.
                Just wait until FOURTH display server* emerges and claims everyone to support it, otherwise it will write pissed-off comments Mark-style.

                (1:Wayland, 2:Mir, 3:X12, 4:?)


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                  this is all i can think about when reading that blog post


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                    ohh my god, he is detached from reality.

                    He thinks something like canonical is now the microsoft under the linuxes, and controlles 99% of the linux market, and the 1% minority who dont use ubuntu are some few cracy retards like the tea party. Yes ubuntu is/was successful. and its bigger than every other single distro (at least for the desktop), but the userbase from every other distro together compared with only ubuntu is way bigger. so he is the minority. I think he dont get that fact, he has some strange misconcept of the reality. And you have to even count kubuntu to the "tea party" front because they will use wayland too.

                    Of course its difficult to know the exact linux distro market share, but the last numbers not from distro-watch I have seen were 30%, but lets say they even had 50% not long ago... I did never read from a user that switched to ubuntu because of mir, because mir is at least for now only a techdemo not more (I know the same is true for wayland more or less), but some people like me switch away from ubuntu, and its not even primary because of Mir, thats one thing also, its the complete own software-stack including mir... to get a normal gnome(shell) running you had to make every release more steps... and even if they had 50% market share before unity and gnome switch many switched away because of unity.

                    Also I never heard from some that switch to ubuntu because of unity. Maybe some that already used ubuntu did not mind it that much to switch away. So a mixture of fanboyism and/or lazyness kept them in the distro. Not to mention the complete keylogger trojan.

                    So with making many many desitions that makes users switch away with not having 90% market share or something how can they think that they will not suffer hard from this.

                    But ok we now kind of have the evil version from linus in his troll-role... except linus somethimes goes evil too, so he is the complete more evil one... will that be funny maybe we will see.
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                      He probably works form M$. M$ knows the only thing that can "break" Linux is its fragmentation. I'm sure they spend a lot of money trying to kill Linux. They want us to use the CIA/NSA supported M$ Windows 8.1.


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                        Why the hate?

                        Make love not Mir!


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                          I don't understand why they can not mix it all together for a gorgeous Linux shake. It's like rpm and deb...I only wait for the mixture.


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                            Why all the fuss?

                            Why all the hatred and harsh words?
                            Competition is never a waste of effort! If anything Linux and BSD made the Mac better, and if it wasn't for that Windows would still be as usable as Windows Millenium because why would Microsoft care about improving their OS if their crap was still selling because of the lack of serious competition?
                            And in return, the Linux desktop has learnt a lot from Microsoft and Apple. Would systemd have gained so much momentum if Apple hadn't prove it could be made so much better (just by looking at the first usable PID)? What about the amount of effort involved in having a decent 3D rendering stack & drivers on Linux, would that have happened if it wasn't for Windows' dominance that we all hate so much? Wine is a pretty damn fantastic project by the way. What shall we say about the desktop paradigm that everybody is so used to that everybody kicks and screams when it is changed? I'm thinking about Gnome 3 here. Again, those people disrupt the market, they're innovators, they're shouted at for this reason. Sure they might be doing things wrong (I personally am a big fan) but I'm certain that over time, what they do good will be copied and improved and the outcome will be positive for everybody.
                            I don't like the idea of Mir just because of the CLA, as for the rest, I'm convinced they would do at least some good things that will force Wayland to copy an or improve, and that would not happen without Canonical's competition.

                            I personally thing that BSD (as in a kernel and operating system) is a bloody waste of time an effort from a user's perspective, but I must admit that every now and again (not to say often) they indirectly and directly improve the Linux ecosystem.

                            But anyway, I'm gutted by all these disrespectful people who insult one another, whichever side they're on. I only have contempt for them and it makes me swing away from these ideas as I don't want to be assimilated to them.


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                              What happens when you like both Mir and the fundamentals of the Tea Party? The Tea Party is supposed to be about promoting libertarianism - freedom of choice without burden from those that want to tax you for the inabilities of others, whilst still holding the charitable outcomes.

                              I think the problem is there is only so much to go around, and people have got defensive on their projects when Canonical stepped out and proclaimed the virtues of Mir project, like Wayland team. They probably said to themselves, hey why not help us rather than start a new project...