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XBMC Ported To Run On Mir Display Server

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  • Originally posted by Aleve Sicofante View Post
    Blah, blah, blah... Post some sources like I've done. They support my view, not yours. So if you don't know "where to start", I suggest Google.
    Oh, I'm sorry, I mistook you for someone willing to engage in reasonable discourse. I didn't realize you were simply trolling. I'm sorry to inform but my troll-bashing schedule is already filled by Bozley and that one guy who rants about global warming. I could fit you in somewhere around next month, maybe? I'll have to get back to you on that. Call my secretary and make an appointment.


    • bo$$ rage quitted and Aleve Sicofante took the job it seems

      i call bullshit you supposedly know what "workstations" is!! buying separated pieces in amazon don't count as "workstation" either an a pc with office is not a "workstation".

      this is a workstation and check the detailed specs
      "Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop/Workstation (1 year paper license; no preinstalled OS)" <-- note most normal enterprise client chooses the fat gold 365 care plan directly from redhat + HP 3 year expansion that both reach around 5k$.

      crunch numbers and for hardware maker you will realize every redhat client worth at least 10 ubuntu[any distro fit here] users minimal and to top that buy uber profitable hardware, so ubuntu to reach profit numbers important enough for hardware maker need at least 20% of global OEM market sales.

      the other problem is microsoft will sue mark until he is homeless if ubuntu reach market enough to mess with their turf[OEM], RedHat is the only linux company with enough force[billions of $$$ and big lawyers] to fight a turf war with microsoft but they won't until linux desktop reach certain goals needed for mass market adoption[more deep than wayland/mir].

      Unless ubuntu can proof that they can surpass the massive truckload of money they make with redhat their priority is redhat, is that simple. ofc if canonical don't do anything idiotic like add canonical extension to EGL they most likely will work too.

      either way valve is not enough or magical enough to give 19% global market magically to any linux distro, is just another incremental step. And valve will probably go with the more supported option for steambox/bigpicture, for valve linux distros[steam works perfectly outside ubuntu this days] are good testbed but their priority is their console where the fat money is[will benefit linux too ofc].

      steambox won't use ubuntu internally for the steambox you can write that in stone, they will roll their own to have tier 1 control for their needs from GUI to hardware