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Ubuntu Announces Mir, A X.Org/Wayland Replacement

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    Originally posted by entropy View Post
    This Ubuntu release will be called "Conniving Cancer", right?
    Steve Ballmer? Is that you??


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      Why not just work on wayland...?


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        the slated objectives of mir is well-defined functionality, efficiency, test-driven, versatile & flexible, security, and toolkit integration and legacy x application support.
        we need moar buzz wooooords!!!


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          Before mindlessly bashing, I recommend reading the MirSpec page.

          One thing Michael did not mention is:

          "However, Wayland support could be added either by providing a Wayland-specific frontend implementation for our display server or by providing a client-side implementation of libwayland that ultimately talks to Mir."


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            Sounds good to be honest, X is an old thing developed by beardy guys (no offense), most of Canonical's devs don't have beards.
            I hope the NVIDIA drivers will be ported though (seems likely).


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              Originally posted by nadro View Post
              Fragmentation like that is the biggest problem in Linux world...
              no and no and simply NO!

              and it actually hurts extremly to read such nonsense after living what actually was the biggest problem and all the problems that are still by far bigger than this.

              even such posts as yours means a bigger problem than this.


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                I'm skeptical.

                Thanks for the write-up, Michael.


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                  Can they pull it off?

                  It will be interesting to see if they can pull this off. Big thing I see is getting Nvidia and AMD on the bandwagon. I'm not going to hold my breath though. With xrdp not working with Unity currently, I'm not sure they can pull the whole thing off. Maybe they get the tablets and phones working, and call it quits there. Seems to be the market they want to play in anyway.


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                    It makes sense

                    It totally makes sense to me... They are using one framework(Qt) for Desktop/Tablet/Smartphone.
                    But damn sh!t... Why are they dropping Gtk?
                    I kinda fell in love with Vala. Now C++ is the language of choice.


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                      This sounds amazing. Canonical is going their own way, maybe they are ditching GNOME completely soon. Good, because if the free software community did not have Canonical, we would still be using Debian and openSUSE with bloated, shit-looking desktop environments, hidious fonts and no big-player support whatsoever. Ubuntu is *the* desktop Linux for most people now and rightly so, even though hardcore geeks and trolls might disagree.