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    new motheboards from Intel with G45 chipset - special for HTPC

    DG45FC Intel? G45 LGA775 mini-ITX
    DG45ID Intel? G45 LGA775 Micro-ATX


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      Originally posted by Goga777 View Post
      and whan about HD video acceleration for X4500HD ? is it possible that in this year the Intel Clear Video Technology will implement in linux drivers ? what need for it ? vaapi ?
      No, for Linux Intel only provides device drivers which support XvMC (and that only accelerates MPEG-2).
      No graphic manufactures does yet provide device drivers that accelerate H.263 or H.264 video decoding.

      Development of VA API seem to have stalled(?), though recently there's been talk about extending XvMC.


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        Howe come this new Intel card with a new (young) driver can beat hi-end cards that have had the driver around for so much longer?


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          Current suspicion is that the 2D tests were run with XAA on the Radeon cards, which means mostly software fallbacks. Not sure though. The X1300 and X1800 3D support is also pretty recent - notice the X800 (which has been around for a while) was usually faster on 3D.
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            Been looking at the new line of Dell Laptops, the E-Series, and they utilize the new intel graphics chip. As a linux user, hopefully the Mandriva 2009 and Fedora 10 distros will have out of box support.


            It appears this laptop is available for purchase now, though I had to search on dell e laptop to find the product page.


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              In my area, G45 is out and it costs a BOMB. I doubt this would be able to compete with the supposedly cheaper nVidia 730i series motherboards. I mean, HOW can GMA X4500HD stand a chance against 9300GS and 9400GS ?


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                i know that in the united states, bombs are distributed to children freely, but thats not so across the world.

                G45 isnt really too expensive, and you might as how it can stand a chance against highend(LOL) nvidia stuff? well.. even intels i810 does, hell, even software rendering has faster 2d than new nvidia stuff..

                not to mentation stability and support..


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                  first tests of G45 chipset


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                    Originally posted by Goga777 View Post
                    I hope phoronix does a similar review, but with the following changes:

                    1. 9950 instead of 9750 because the former is equal to Q6600, not the later.
                    2. Bench both Catalyst drivers and oss drivers for 780G.


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                      new MSI's Montevina Mini-ITX Motherboard

                      MS-9818 Specifications

                      Supported processors: 45nm Socket P Intel Mobile Core 2 Duo/Celeron processors
                      FSB: 1066/800/667 MHz
                      Chipset: Intel GM45 North Bridge;Intel ICH9M-E South Bridge (with integrated TPM)
                      Memory: 2x DDR2 800/667MHz SO-DIMM (up to 4GB max RAM)
                      Graphics: Intel GMA X4500 Graphics with DirectX 10 support
                      Display Outputs: VGA, DVI-D, HDMI, LVDS
                      Audio: Realtek ALC888 5.1 Channel HD Audio; 6W Class-D Amplifier
                      LAN: 2x Gigabit LAN ports (82567LM & 82574L)
                      Storage:4x SATA II with RAID 0/1/5/10; 1x 44pin IDE
                      Peripheral Connectivity: 4x USB 2.0 ports + 4x additional USB 2.0 headers; 1x RS-232/RS-422/RS-485 + 5x additional COM headers
                      Expansion: 1x PCI; 1x Mini PCIe; 1x PCIe x1; 1x Compact Flash (underneath board)
                      Size: 17cm x 17cm