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Ubuntu's Power Consumption Tested

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    Yes, as reported by powertop, while the system is idle trackerd is in the top 5 offenders, but just as HAL polling the DC/DVD drive to see if you have inserted a disk or like USB port.

    I don't think that power consumption while idle is all that important. Probably like 5% of your battery is used by an idle system (excepting the battery used by the screen if it's on), while 95% is used when things are actually happening.

    And yes, Tracker again uses quite some power. Not by waking up the kernel while idle, but while scanning the disk and updating the database.

    I'd find interesting to measure the power used by applications. For example, it could be measured how much power it's used by 3 different bittorrent clients downloading the same file: Azureus (a full-featured Java based app), Ktorrent (a full featured QT/C++ based app) and Transmission (a simple and light GTK/C app). That would give an idea about the relationship between bloat/features and power consumption.

    It's said that why care to optimize apps when more powerful hardware (more CPU, more RAM, etc...) is cheaply available each year. Well, power consumption could be a good reason for it.


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      Great article. A second one about Power consumption on desktop systems would be nice!