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Qt/GTK Speed On Unity/KDE/Xfce/LXDE/GNOME/Razor

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    Way to go, Xfce!


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      Why no Cinnamon or MATE?


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        I'm wondering how the GTK+speed can vary that much across the desktops. I guess it comes all down to the speed of the default theme engine of the desktop and less to the speed of the compositor - if any.


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          Originally posted by drago01 View Post
          1. It isn't most of this benchmarks are not fullscreen and therefore the FPS they report might not be the FPS they actually draw on screen (please read the (non outdated) article).

          the benchmarking was not done on my pc so all its results are useless.... no!

          that's exactly what was benched: some specific circumstances. not being the scenario you desired to bench does not make it less usefull. you seem to expect a simple answer from a benchmark: what is the best xy?

          sounds like the typical kids question, who has the bigger one?

          the test provides some information about the influece of compositors in this test setup. it is neither ment as an all overall test, nor testing the impact of compositors during fullscreen etc.

          i read the artical you mentioned. while makes some good technical points it simply doesn't fit to this test.

          2. I know (I wrote that code after all) but this is irrelevant see 1.
          actually your article is irrelevant!

          when you bechmark a specifc scenario you get results that have to be interpred in context of it. doing a benchmark in another scenario than you wished doesn't make it useless or pointless.

          Also unredirected windows should have more or less the same performance everywhere assuming no background work taking up resources.
          also this is not true and enver was for none of the DE we have on linux. and btw. it is quite obvious why, and should be for the guy who wrote that code.


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            Originally posted by varikonniemi View Post
            Unity seems to be mature and performing well. It only took 2 years of public beta testing

            Better late than never i guess..
            way faster than kde needed.