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Linux 3.7 + Mesa 9.1-devel Running On Ubuntu 12.10

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    Damentz, I have already tried BFS, and I appreciate that you understand jitter, and make some observations on it.
    However BFS performs worse than CFS here. It was actually only with CFS and 90hz timer, and quite a high CFS granularity that I got the jitterbehaviour I wanted. (smooth low constant jitter tuned to a psychovisual profile of "natural" due to the fact that some low-jitter is interpreted as natural by the senses.) And this is also a tuning, that favours throughput.

    At the moment, the opening of doom3 runs completely smooth, where before and with BFS there was some jitter. From playing the game, I have only seen one occasion where there was a loss of frame, "one jitter". Also, daemons etc seems to make a slight difference, and I have taken what I have learned, to thoughts on improvements of CFS.

    For instance, several runqueues, where daemons can be put on queue 2, so you have |1.mainapp||2.daemon1|1.mainapp|2.daemon2|1.mainpp |2.daemon3| - queued.That should reduce jitter. It may be easy to modify exisiting code, for batch or idle, to do this, so all daemons can be put on batch or idle, for low jitter. (And one wouldn`t need "minimal linux" distros).

    Peace Be With You.