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Non-Linux OSes Still Playing In An Intel UMS World

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    Originally posted by allquixotic View Post
    Ok, I'll bite and add to the list:
    Obviously we have different needs -- doesn't make yours right or wrong, but my definition of a "desktop OS" is definitely different than yours if you think your list is sufficient to be considered a desktop. Nothing in your list even mentions 3d acceleration, and I refuse to use an operating system that is going to turn my Radeon HD7970 into the equivalent of a VGA adapter.
    I wasn't intending to be provocative with my question. I write software that generates 3D models, but the BSD drivers are good enough for what I need to do. Dropbox would be nice, but I don't really need it. There is a copy of Skype in the FreeBSD ports collection, it runs under Linux emulation but I've not tried it out.

    You make fair points with your requirements though, and if you've got significant 3D requirements then it's a no-brainer. I can't standy eye-candy though - my desktop looks like it's from the 1980s :-)


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      Originally posted by XorEaxEax View Post
      Well if the hardware is fully supported then it is no less a 'ferrari' than Linux would be for him when using the same applications. Personally I would recommend Linux over BSD for the desktop if someone asked me, but if someone is running BSD and all their hardware is supported then obviously it's only a question of which OS/distro one prefers.
      Even in the case you mentioned there will still be differences in some cases like pointed by allquixotic or package management, how easy is to update software, performance - Phoronix article: kfreebsd vs Linux on Debian. So it's not just a matter of hardware support. However, I want to admit I'm talking overall and not about Archibald case, because I suppose he knows better what's good for him.


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        Originally posted by kraftman View Post
        I'm talking overall and not about Archibald case, because I suppose he knows better what's good for him.
        Heh, that's a highly questionable point :-)


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          pcbsd has a live cd version. but yeah, the smart thing to do would have been to report the bug instead of using another os. btw, the bug has been fixed in the recent kernel versions because the last time I tried, it worked.