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Intel Comes Up With An Alternative To Bringing Back UMS

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    Originally posted by drag View Post
    In this case, no your wrong.

    The Pre-GMA 8xx video devies sucked ass. I mean they were really ...

    Your a idiot. Try going back to using pre-R200 ATI laptop devices in Linux (or any OS) and then maybe you'll have a clue why this is such a absurd statement.
    People buy what they can afford.

    Companies test their hardware with a version of Windows. With the 815 and 845GL's this would have been Windows 2000 or Windows XP. So if your computer came with that you should probably run that.

    BestBuy and Walmart don't sale Linux PC's. Until they do don't expect 110% from Linux. It's more the hardware companies and the Linux distribution's fault.

    Fedora and Ubuntu all knew there were problems with Intel's additions to the graphic code in Mesa, Xorg, and the Linux Kernel. They shipped distributions based on it anyway. People complained.

    What should have happened was that the parts that were added should have had versions of the software lacking the additions to compensate for the hardware which was problematic. Mesa and a kernel addition would have solved the problem. I blame Torvalds for this. He's always griping about crappy code and regressions and he let the largest 2 problems into the kernel. Graphics and Scheduling.

    Until we get a company guaranteeing their Linux distribution and supporting a package freeze beyond 6 months. Don't bank on linux.


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      Also, Slackware was the only Linux distribution to try and help with the regression that shipped with the updated code. They included a few extra versions of the Intel driver for Xorg in Slackware 13.

      If only Linux distributions didn't make a big deal about sticking with their older products. You go to some of these websites and they never put up links off the main page for their older releases. It's always the latest.