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Mplayer, FFmpeg Gain VA-API Support

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    given theres been very few video related replys here at Phoronix, i take it then, that the MB users reading this and the few related threads are not the hardcore linux video readership, were are they all ? and what can we do to bring them and the linux video devs here (oe elsewere)as a central point for all things linux video related?

    the old antiquated Usenet message boards archives are fine for seeing whats happening , but its not good for instant feedback and helping advocate HW assisted video on linux to the ordinary users and devs that might like to help improve things, Phoronix doesnt seem that interested in putting these indepth video things on the front pages that often and thats a shame, as theres no incentive for outsiders to gather here....
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      Originally posted by popper View Post
      Phoronix doesnt seem that interested in putting these indepth video things on the front pages that often
      Uh, what? There's been articles on VDPAU, VDPAU in mythtv, VDPAU in mplayer, VDPAU in vlc, VDPAU in xine plus every 180.x point release with mostly VDPAU improvements and whatnot from the others so I think they've milked it as far as it goes.

      Things are quiet because there's not much to say, nVidia's delivered, AMD got it pushed waaaaay back and Intel doesn't have HD acceleration on most of their hardware. Unless something surprising happens (VDPAU was), I figure the state in three months is pretty much exactly like today. It's not easy to rally people to listen to silence.


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        "It's not easy to rally people to listen to silence"

        true, thats my point really, how can we get more people interested and coming here, there doesnt seem to be a real place for linux video people to collect around, and more to the point, get all the scattered devs in one web MB place to work on anything video related they might want to for all to see and coment on, contribute with directly.

        doom9 is great for the windows side of things and does a hell of a lot to progress things, and gets lots of devs contributing directly there, i cant seem to find the same kind of community web based Message board thing for linux video though, does such a place exist today?

        with regards the "VA API patches summary" above, not one single reply was made here, that implys people reading here dont care enough to even comment about it , or wonder were it might take linux, as i have been given the impression "VA API" is the only working open video API at this time werth considering today! i find that silence here rather odd.
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          This is great! Now only other vendors than intel (so amd/via/nvidia (with nouveau)) should use that, too.
          Seems though there was a long time no update on VA API (is this a bad thing?).
          Could one write a generic Gallium3D driver for VA API so that every Gallium3D driver can use this video accel technology? Everything I can think of is Galliumk3D


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            I think your question just got answered:


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              Gallium3D will probably also use VA API either directly or indirectly. Gallium3D will only do part of the decoding process though.