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    Only Ubuntu have an 8.10 that will work with a 2.6.27 kernel, the one from AMD is still limited to 2.6.26 and xorg 1.4

    I installed the Ubuntu Intrepid beta om my media machine and then installed the fglrx driver through the restricted drivers applet. It works fairly well for me. I stuck to 32 bit to avoid issues with windows codecs and flash. The machine runs well enough though not as good a picture as using an Nvidia board in the PCIe slot. Again - VLC seems to work better than xine, mplayer seems OK, I use the Gnome-Mplayer front end.

    If you are not using Ubuntu one solution is to get the Ubuntu deb and extract the files from it and copy them over the ones you have installed. This is a bit tricky but elsewhere on Phoronix someone reported success.

    good luck
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      Hi grege,

      thank you for your informations. I found the patch for the Catalyst 8.10 and Kernel 2.6.27 from Ubuntu. But I change the system back to 32 bit and it works now. Great!

      If somebody need help or don't find this patch, than contact me with the message bord. I will put than all information about it in this thread.




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        Originally posted by wallace View Post
        @grege i think i'll opt for an nvidia budget card then. Hopefully it will work well, as there seem to be driver problems too (especially with kde4 unfortunately). But hey, that's life, no?

        xvinfo gives the right output btw, doesn't really work though

        thank you for your help, everbody, and good luck to us lost people!
        To everyone who goes down this track make sure you uninstall fglrx before you put in the nvidia board. The fglrx installation creates symbolic links that must be removed prior to installing nvidia-glx. For manual installs it is easiest to install any old fglrx from the repositories than uninstall it to restore everything to default. I also rename xorg.conf and run dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg as root to generate a clean xorg.conf.