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AMD HD48X0 video and overall 2D performance

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    Thanks for all the comments and insights on this. I was afraid that the video playback issue was not solved yet and I am also a bit surprised because it's been around for quite some time now. :-(

    So I'll stay with my crappy 8600 GTS card for a bit longer until I can be sure that I do not trade one massive problem (2d performance) for another (tearing video playback) with the switch to a HD48X0 card. :-(

    I hope this gets fixed sooner rather than later... even though right now I have a lot more faith in the AMD devs than in the NVidia ones because for several month now all that's being said about those performance issues is: "we know, it's going to be fixed in a future driver release" and that's it. And with their point on open sourcing their specs, well... getting off-topic, sorry.

    @bridgman: is there any time frame when this video playback issue is going to be fixed or what's actually causing it? I have seen it on an aging Dell laptop (X300 mobility chip) recently, so it's not specific to a certain hw architecture but purely a driver specific problem.


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      The problem is that it shoudl be fixed NOW, not in some month, this realease should never even came out as well as 8.5 and 8.6.
      Linux is my main OS.
      Do you think they would have let something like that goes into a windows build ?
      It's been 3 versions now, 8.5 8.6 8.7 and hd48x0 only support one driver.

      I don't want to spread bad atmosphère or insult anyone, but devs should realise it's really a major failure, you can't increment a release with such a major video playback wreckage lol


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        If the only video problems you see are refresh rate artifacts from lack of vsync for xv, then you could try using a player with gl output after setting vsync on with amdcccle.

        Works for me with X1600 pro and HD3850 both AGP.

        mplayer -vo gl:yuv=4:lscale=1

        does gl colourspace and bicubic scale - there are other types of scale if you prefer them.


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          Am I the only one getting hangs with my HD 4850 when watching video using xv? It seems to work 50% of the time when I boot my computer. If it works the first time I never get hangs. And the tearing is not nice either
          2D Performance is good though.


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            I tested a 4850 card on Ubuntu 8.04 amd64 with fglrx 8.6 the past few days. Fglrx 8.7 will probably introduce official support for 4850, but things are looking great already! Comments:

            1. I simply pulled out my X1950 Pro and installed the 4850. Didn't touch the drivers. Ubuntu loaded with the correct resolution on first try.

            2. 2d performance is the same as with my X1950 (which is excellent).

            3. Compiz performance is slightly improved compared to X1950 (there was a slight hesitation when maximizing Opera at 1400x1050 before - this no longer occurs).

            4. Compiz alpha-blending and/or blur plugin does not work correctly (fades to black instead of alpha-blending).

            5. OpenGL, GLSL, FBOs work fine (and noticeably faster than with X1950).

            6. The __driCreateNewScreen_20050727 crash bug still occurs when creating two consecutive X connections. (Bug ticket: 737-35215)

            Edit: Didn't test video outside Youtube, which works well enough.

            Edit 2: Wine works fine with Diablo 2 (Glide->OpenGL wrapper) and Wing Commander: Prophecy/Secret Ops (DX5 and 6 respectively). Actually, D2 looks and runs significantly better on Wine than on Vista (never managed to get any Glide wrapper to work on the latter).
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