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AMD Catalyst 8.6 Linux Driver

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  • AMD Catalyst 8.6 Linux Driver

    Phoronix: AMD Catalyst 8.6 Linux Driver

    In AMD's usual fashion, this afternoon they have announced the release of new display drivers for both Linux and Windows. The Catalyst 8.6 release for Linux introduces a few bug fixes, version 2.0 of their driver installation API, and a few unannounced features are present. As always, we have the run-down for you on this month's changes.

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    Very nice, I just got bored and now have something to do
    Downloading it... Hopefully they fixed my screen detection problems!


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      Originally posted by NeoBrain View Post
      Hopefully they fixed my screen detection problems!
      Oh my, you set your hopes high


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        Originally posted by sundown View Post
        Oh my, you set your hopes high
        Heh, I always was optimistic when trying new Catalyst versions
        The funny thing is, they really always tend to disappoint me, but sometimes they just work ;-)

        EDIT: ffs... they didn't even fix the F8 packaging problems :/
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          Btw, Bridgeman, check out this screenshot

          This always happens when I play a video file on my 2nd display. Do you notice the corruption around the borders? I have to move my cursor around those to get rid of them. It was always like this no matter what player, distribution... etc.

          So don't you guys tell me video play back bettered! Not on my mobility radeon!

          I'll save this post for the official 8.6 thread too, in case he doesn't read it.
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            excuse me, but where is the link to download it... in amd drivers page the newest driver is 8.5...


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              Originally posted by linzerd View Post
              excuse me, but where is the link to download it... in amd drivers page the newest driver is 8.5...
              You're like excused. This is what you want


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                To the dismay of some users, Catalyst 8.6 for Linux doesn't support the Linux 2.6.26 kernel or X.Org 7.4 (X Server 1.5).
                Still no Fedora 9 support?!? Come on ATI, it's a major distro! Count me as one of the dismayed!


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                  THX!!! On my way to test it...


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                    Originally posted by hubick View Post
                    Still no Fedora 9 support?!? Come on ATI, it's a major distro! Count me as one of the dismayed!
                    Sorry, but only Redhat, Novel stuff and Ubuntu are allowed in this high party


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                      Good release for me so far (Radeon HD 3850 here). Totem has finally nicely scaled video and thanks to

                      "Clock Gating is now supported and enable under the Linux operating system. Further details can be found in topic number 737-35191"

                      my idle desktop systems is now consuming ~67 Watt instead of ~72 Watt (measured at the wall plug, complete system without monitor). This means that power saving is now as good as on Windows.

                      edit: Just for those who wonder what system this is:
                      - Athlon 64 X2 5200+ (65nm, rated with 65W TDP)
                      - Asus M3A Mainboard (AMD 770 chipset)
                      - Radeon 3850 256MB
                      - 4 Gig of RAM
                      - Ubuntu 8.04 x86_64
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                        Okay, with the F8 packages not working I used the "normal" installer, and I'm quite surprised. No squeezed screen, no watermark, 3d accel working (not tested on second XServer though), switching VT working, etc!
                        However, the Wine libGL bug is still not fixed and I still have 2 X processes running. 2D accel hasn't improved much either.

                        HOWEVER, I now can resize windows while using compiz without lags, so upgrading was good for me this time as this was one thing that really disturbed me!

                        Great release for me, keep on with the good work AMD!

                        EDIT: Oh yeah, Got around 10% better FPS on Neverball, too. Ain't too much, especially because Neverball isn't such a high end game, but any improvement is better than none


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                          I always love new ati driver releases. it's like going to a casino. you enter without knowing how much money you will have when you go out. (you never know how many bugs they fixed and introduced at the same time ).


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                            Hey, icon corruption is gone now.
                            But video playback seems to have broken.

                            In any case, I've updated my installer script for the 'buntus, which can be found here.

                            EDIT: Yep, looks like it made 3D totally unusable. Tried Sauerbraten, and it does this weird split-screen checkerboard thingy. I can see everything, but it's completely unplayable.

                            Maybe a problem somewhere with endian-ness? Just a shot in the dark... Screenshots come out normal, so a picture here. (This happens to everything on-screen until I close Sauerbraten.)
                            Oh yeah, and the Phoronix article says it doesn't support Xorg 7.4/X server 1.5, which is what I'm running... The last driver worked fine.
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                              Sounds like a good release. Can't wait for it to hit the Portage-tree.