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HD 3850 temperature (?) problems

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    Originally posted by ashrack View Post
    go DL rivatuner in Windows and burn the GPU using 3dmark and watch if the FAN will increase when the temperature increases. If you are hitting 90C and the FAN is not running 100% then you have a bios issue.
    I watched the fan speed on Linux (aticonfig --pplib-cmd "get temperature 0") and the fan is at roughly 44-47% at 90C.

    for((;1<2;)); do
    echo "----------------------------"
    aticonfig --pplib-cmd "get fanspeed 0"
    aticonfig --pplib-cmd "get temperature 0"
    sleep 1
    gives output like

    Fan speed query: 
    Query Index: 0, Speed in percent
    Result: Fan Speed: 47%
    Temperature for thermal controller 0 is 91.000000
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      then you are suffering from the bios bug. Same as I had.
      You should contact powercolor for an updated bios or if you do not want to wait you could go ahead and flash with this bios:
      some info also available here:
      The bioses for BBA ATIs are all the same. I own a Sapphire card and I flashed it with the above mentioned bios since Sapphire never responded back to my email.

      with the faulty bios usually the card will not go over 92C except if you really stress test it with some heavy gaming it will even reach 97C. But by then you should be seing lots of artifacts which was the main reason that I first checked the temps.
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        If you're brave you could check out the BIOS collection on techpowerup and/or edit a compatible BIOS with custom fan settings. Incredibly easy to do if you have a spare Windows partition (to launch the BIOS editor since I don't think it would work on Wine).


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          Thanks for the hints. I contacted Powercolor support and I hope I can retrieve an officially blessed BIOS (so if things go wrong I won't end up standing in the rain).

          As a fun note: The decorative sticker on the card peeled itself off.


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            I now flashed the Visiontek BIOS and the card stays well below 80C. Thanks for the hint, I assume the card may feel much healthier now ;-)


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              not to mention you can OC this baby now its a great OCer. My memory is running at 1100 now and the core is running 770 and it could go higher but I would have to flash to an unlocked version of bios.

              ps. let me quess you grew tired of waiting Powercolor and you flashed with Visiontek??
              the bioses are all the same because ATI themselves have made them.
              This is probably the reason that BBA cards are such great OCers.


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                Yeah, I got tired of waiting. And as the update from Visiontek came with an AMD icon attached to the executable I assumed it wouldn't be anything Visiontek-specific anyway.


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                  Originally posted by chefkoch View Post
                  I've disassembled parts of aticonfig a while back and found some hidden options.
                  Some of them were temperature related. Most things didn't work here but my card is pretty old. It's also possible that some things have changed in the meantime

                  Thanks a lot for that post!!! I've been waiting for the ati devs to implement fan control and temperature monitor in fglrx without knowing it was already there!
                  franjva@quad ~ $ aticonfig --pplib-cmd "get temperature 0"
                  Temperature for thermal controller 0 is 47.000000
                  franjva@quad ~ $ aticonfig --pplib-cmd "set fanspeed 0 55"
                  PPLIB command execution is Successful!
                  franjva@quad ~ $ aticonfig --pplib-cmd "get fanspeed 0"
                  Fan speed query: 
                  Query Index: 0, Speed in percent
                  Result: Fan Speed: 55%
                  Now I can control the fan speed as I do in windows. I wish I had seen your old thread sooner.