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AMD Stream SDK Coming To Linux Soon

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  • AMD Stream SDK Coming To Linux Soon

    Phoronix: AMD Stream SDK Coming To Linux Soon

    NVIDIA has long supported their CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture) technology on Linux for allowing general-purpose code algorithms to be executed on the graphics processor, while AMD and their Stream Computing support has been absent on Linux. AMD has only been supporting their Stream SDK on Windows XP, but this morning we have confirmation that the Software Development Kit will be released for Linux in the coming days...

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    does this mean we might finally see transcoding software that utilises not only the CPU but also the GPU, therefore decreasing transcoding time?


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      The link to the Folding@home high performance FAQ should actually point here: since the linked version is no longer maintained.


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        Anyone got questions for AMD about their Stream SDK on Linux? I should be able to setup a Q&A.
        Michael Larabel


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          How much of it will be "open" and how much will be a binary blob?


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            * When is the exact date of a linux GPU2 folding@home client release?

            * Will future releases of the SDK be released in sync with windows revisions?

            * Will the SDK enable developers to utilize multiple DIFFERENT r600 and future r700 cards in GPGPU software - i.e. an 2600pro, a 3870 and an r700


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              Question bump... Looks like Michael Chu will do a Q&A.
              Michael Larabel


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                looks like not many people have questions.

                Michael: perhaps you'd be better off starting a thread requesting questions over at forums GPGPU subsection - I'm sure they'll definitely think up interesting topics for Mr. Chu ... n it would produce a more interesting q & a imo...


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                  What sets the R600 apart from the older generations in being able to do Stream Computing? Will a port for the older generations be possible?


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                    OK, I got a question or two.
                    Other than folding@home and other highly distributed workloads, what applications are likely to be able to benefit from the Stream SDK?
                    Won't enabling this API require a new kernel module? Or will it go through the existing kernel modules? (I use nvidia so I'm not sure exactly how AMD does their graphics drivers.)
                    How does the linux performance of Stream SDK compare to CUDA?
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