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Can't create //usr/X11R6/lib/modules/dri/ File exists

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    Originally posted by bridgman View Post
    Did you run sax2 before or after aticonfig --initial ?

    My guess is that you don't need sax2 if you run aticonfig --initial (and you *should* run aticonfig --initial)
    I always run "aticonfig --initial" before trying to ran sax2.

    Also without running sax2 after "aticonfig --initial", i have the same result. Black screen and the system freezes.


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      I have the exact same behavior (blank screen and system freeze) on a fresh installed Linux Mint 7 x86_64.

      It seems that something is broken in the fglrx driver regarding HD4670 hardware.


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        It's more likely to be specific to the distro or system than the hardware, FWIW.


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          What is your hardware anyway?

          For distribution, maybe consider: ubuntu, fedora, slackware. Seem to be more users of these.

          What is sax2 anyway?

          Bridgman: I never knowingly run aticonfig --initial. Maybe the catalyst autoinstaller runs it? After I install new catalyst, I review xorg.conf, see nothing new, and copy my old one back over. Why should this be run?

          Bridgman: does his post #10 give any clue?


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            Sax2 is a utility for configuring and managing graphics subsystems.


            I don't know exactly what aticonfig --initial does but it seems to be the only "absolute must do" stop in our installation instructions, and whenver I talk to our devs one of the first questions they ask is "did they run aticonfig properly ?".

            Post 10 goes to a level of detail I don't really know with fglrx; probably should get it into a bugzilla ticket so the devs can see it.
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