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AMD Hybrid Graphics For Linux?

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    I'm using hybrid crossfire since driver release 8.12 or so. In most drivers since then it worked, however there were one or two drivers in which it didn't work for my setup. I'm using an Asus M3A78-EM motherboard with 780G chipset and integrated Radeon HD3200. I'm using an Asus HD3450 graphics card as well.

    As far as I know the cards share the workload, but it is not the case that the graphics card shuts down if only the onboard graphics card is needed (so I don't think it does much on the power saving side). Not sure about the exact workings though.


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      Originally posted by Heiko View Post
      I'm using hybrid crossfire since driver release 8.12 or so.
      As far as I know the cards share the workload
      HybridCrossfire shares the workload. It's only usefull for slow cards like yours. If you combine a faster card like 3870 or higher, it is not used.
      But in that case, PowerXpress would be really, REALLY (@bridgman: (!!)_REALLY_(!!)) nice.


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        Yep, REALLY nice I am in a situation where the IGP (HD 3200) does most of what I need (this box is not used for heavily involved 3D gaming, though it does 3D gaming). I will buy sometime a dedicated card for a couple games mostly, but the card will be orders of magnitude faster (I am seeing 256 bit, 512Mb GDDR3 cards around USD50 already in newegg). So, as you are pointing out, the IGP will contribute little if anything, and I'll rather offload all the graphics to the PCI card if it's on and drawing power anyways.

        But being able to have the monster card on just when needed (i.e. real hybrid) would be delightful!

        Thank you all for the update. At least I know this is not supported yet.