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ATI 8.42.3 and X800 XT Overheating

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    You could check/set clock frequencies using rovclock with those old cards.


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      Well, whether I use the open source drivers or the fglrx drivers, rovclock reports a core clock speed of 540 MHz and a memory speed of 587.25. As I understand it, the x850 is supposed to be clocked at 540/580. I'm assume the 7 Mhz difference in the memory speed is nothing to worry about.

      I'd be interested in seeing the results from those of you whose card is overheating due to fglrx.

      kano, thanks for pointing out the existance of rovclock. I never knew about it till this morning :-) I wish I had known about it with the x800 :-)



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        I wrote something about using power saving features on radeons here:

        It really helps my case with 1950Pro, but some people said it doesn't work with 1300 or the 2600. I don't know, maybe someone with those cards could modify the tool mentioned in the post to support them.


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          Forget it

          The problem is still there with 8.1. My fan is as loud as it was during the last year every time i tried the fglrx driver.
          I'll switch back to the radeon driver.
          Everyone with this problem: Dont waste your time with giving 8.1 a try. Its as crappy as every month
          So lets wait for another year or two for this bug to be fixed... Or throw our cards out of the window


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            Nashwan, please try the rovclock utility to see if the fglrx drivers are overclocking your card.


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              Ok here are the results

              With the free radeon and the fglrx driver rovclock gave me exactly the same values:

              Found ATI card on 05:00, device id: 0x5d4f
              I/O base address: 0xc000
              Video BIOS shadow found @ 0xc0000
              Invalid reference clock from BIOS: 0.0 MHz
              Memory size: 262144 kB
              Memory channels: 2, CD,CH only: 0
              tRcdRD: 7
              tRcdWR: 4
              tRP: 6
              tRAS: 6
              tRRD: 6
              tR2W-CL: 2
              tWR: 7
              tW2R: 1
              tW2Rsb: 1
              tR2R: 3
              tRFC: 20
              tWL(0.5): 3
              tCAS: 4
              tCMD: 0
              tSTR: 0
              XTAL: 27.0 MHz, RefDiv: 6

              Core: 398.25 MHz, Mem: 492.75 MHz

              I wonder what "Invalid reference clock from BIOS: 0.0 MHz" has to say...


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                Has somebody with this problem tried 8.02?
                Not that i would have some hope... But sometimes miracles become true. ;-)