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AMD 8.42.3 Driver Released -- The Baby Is Born!

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  • Thank god this update's come out.

    Can't wait to use Compiz.


    • Does those drivers finally supports properly FC7 x86 and x86_64 ???


      • Thanks!

        Originally posted by givemesugarr View Post
        xorg.conf for Neo4:... new xorg.conf:

        Many thanks to givemesugar for posting the example xorg.conf. I had the corruption in the lower corner and around the mouse cursor and had about given up on this driver (actually, I had already reverted it), but I saw a couple of flags in the xorg posted for Neo4 that I had not tried and thought to give it one more shot. I grabbed the Server, Layout and Device flags from the post and have been working for 3 days now without screen corruption with AIGLX / Compositing on or off. I had tried many of the other xorg "fixes" to no effect. Thanks again!


        • Thanks again!
          mine xorg.conf is one generated with the first fglrx version i was using under suse 9.2, the first distro i was using some time ago. then i had it tuned over the time and now it has reached a good state. i still have to fix the fonts since on gentoo i dont't have most of them, but i don't really the time to do that.
          since this xorg.conf works flawlessly with one of the worst ati boards it should work without any problems with other boards.
          the settings there set everything to default standard values, so you might lose some performance but you'll have some extra stability.


          • Anyone tested it under latest test release of Fedora 8? What about compatibility with FC7 both 32 and 64 bits?


            • Originally posted by peper View Post
              Anyone tested it under latest test release of Fedora 8? What about compatibility with FC7 both 32 and 64 bits?

              If you patch it for 2.6.23, it will work with F8. However, AIGLX won't work with X server 1.4. Fedora 7 is compatible with 8.42 but not with the stock version of Compiz.
              Michael Larabel


              • Michael, but Fedora 8 does not use Xserver 1.4. The version used is


                Or am I missing something?


                • Sorry if this has been mentioned in the last 50 pages of the post, I tried to read and find anything that might help me.

                  X200M, AIGLX - Ubuntu 7.10. Only X11 video is providing any play back I can watch. OpenGL flickers TONS, Xv displays nothing but black... Wait till 8.44 or is there something I missed a couple posts back? Thanks.


                  • Fedora 7 x86_64: X server crashes

                    With either 8.41.7 or 8.42.3, when I try to start the X server it fails with a backtrace. I'm using a Visiontek HD2600 Pro AGP.

                    I've seen a few other postings by people who have seen this problem, but no indication of any solution. Any ideas? I'd really like to get this card working. If there's a way to do that with the current driver, that would be great, but if not it would be nice if it could be fixed in 8.43.

                    The full details including configuration, xorg.conf, and log can be seen in this bug report


                    • I might be happy with the nice paycheques, but the tons of overtime has been a pain in my WoW time and its held me up on testing my X1650Pro ...

                      I'm quite happy to report that the X1650Pro AGP 512M card I have WORKS with this driver

                      and apparently is a 30% to 35% improvement over my 9550Pro card ... (according to that NOT A REAL BENCHMARK tool *gears )
                      Both glxgears and fgl_flgxgears show a substantial improvement in frame rates .. and with a couple of quick non combat runs WoW is showing a slight improvment in busy areas, and a sharp improvement in not so crowded areas -- the only issue is that with WoW in wine on these drivers you need to add an extra disable to the registry ... (posted on winehq in the wow forum) which I suspect is chewing into the speed the card could be providing....


                      • Originally posted by Alistair View Post
                        I'm quite happy to report that the X1650Pro AGP 512M card I have WORKS with this driver
                        WHat is your hardware? Particularly interesting are the motherboard chipset and CPU?


                        • Originally posted by figvam View Post
                          WHat is your hardware? Particularly interesting are the motherboard chipset and CPU?
                          Nforce3 chipset AMD64 x2 dual core cpu
                          2Gb ram.
                          Onboard sound, onboard NIC etc ... I've no other cards in this box other than the X1650Pro

                          This motherboard required a BIOS uplift for both the dual core cpu and to open up the GART sizes in bios (shipped with 16,32,64M as options originally)

                          BIOS set to 256M GART size, kernel option videomem=256 and MaxGartSize=256M in xorg.conf

                          This card will NOT fire DRI without the minimum gart size of 256M.


                          • Gigabyte GA-MA69GM-S2H misreports chipset

                            Installed from the ATI download site.

                            1. Installation succeeded.
                            2. Misreports the x1250 as an x1200. Cannot get video on totem to play without articfacts (in fact, not usable at all).

                            What else needs to be reported?


                            • Interesting new error running wine on fglrx 8.42.3 drivers

                              Anyone seeing this in /var/log/messages while running anything in these drivers?

                              Machine check events logged
                              [fglrx:firegl_cmmqs_share_memory] *ERROR* Can not get virtual address
                              [fglrx:firegl_cmmqs_share_memory] *ERROR* Can not get virtual address
                              [fglrx:MCIL_GetVirtualAddressInDescriptor] *ERROR* Can not get the virtual address

                              Only popping up while running WoW in wine ..

                              2.6.22-r2 gentoo amd64 fglrx 8.42.3 and wine (both 0.9.48 and 0.9.49)
                              seems to be tied to a pause in game.....

                              strace/lsof logging shows WoW.exe process trying to read an fd with a return of ENOENT - the fd is pointing at a socket....but thats a guess since the logs are in different places and not timestamped well enough to determine which comes first...


                              • x200m no-go for me

                                Originally posted by enzobelmont View Post
                                i will download and install in two hours (my connection is slow here)

                                any x200m experiences????
                                I tried the 8.42 driver on my Compaq V2000 under Ubuntu 7.10 and it didn't work. After figuring out the composite issue, I tried running a 3D game (BZ Flag) and all it did was cause the laptop to shutdown due to overheating the card or CPU. After trying it a couple of times with the same results, I decided to revert back to the fglrx in the repositories and not try any 3D on my laptop for now.

                                I was excited when I read last month that Mobility would be supported. Oy!