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linux, the very weak system for gaming

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  • Originally posted by oldskool69 View Post
    hi all,

    why is it, that i have like 50% better average gaming perfomance in windows 7 compared to lubuntu, for example, no matter, what i do? and why is it, that you always get errors, warnings and crashes everytime you install or run something on linux? i believe it is at the time, that developers make linux a gaming plattform, that is better than windows. every year i try linux again and it makes me sick that its still trash in gaming.

    this is one video, that shows, what i tried to "explain" here:
    More details?
    Nativ games?

    I'm a Linux Gamer and the performance is excellent!

    I nerver had problems/warnings/crashes etc pp with UT, Quake II - III, Doom III, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, Savage, Savage 2, Heroes Of Newerth and these games run nativ!

    And i never had problems with games like Diablo 3, World Of Warcraft, CS 1.6, CS:S, Battlefield 2, Neverwinger Nights, L4D on wine!

    I belive you are just a frustrated windows user and you can't handle oder you don't understand linux!


    • Originally posted by Flamaros View Post
      A lot of people have good intentions, but few that have power think only to the money, and the size of the company don't change this fact. Some big companies knows be nice with customers is good for profits and reputation, some others just don't see fairest than their nose and are focused on immediate profits.

      The easy answer to run old games is the VM, there is also abandonware. Majority of editor want to save their licence to be able to sell them many years later on new platforms instead of puting them in the public domain. A solution is to do like Id Software who share old engine version to the open source community and go ahead with new licences and engines. With the Id solution Doom 3,... can be supported on new Linux version,...

      And as gamer I can tell you that the majority of us don't stay our live on only one game, I certainly buy 3-5 AAA and 20-30 indies games per year.
      Don't think AAA games won't run on Linux because if Valve have some good sells with their own games, EA,... will certainly want a part of cake.
      With EA, Activision, 2K etc we can be happy that we have most of their multiplatform games on Windows, currently I cannot imagine them bother Linux, It's just too big nonsense for me, to see those AAA (AutoaimAutohealAutosave) on Linux elsewhere than in Wine
      IMO Valve guys were always different from these, maybe not going only for the most profit (well, they don't need to do games like this, they have profit from Steam itself), just look at the number of updates of their games, like Team Fortress 2 or Left 4 Dead 2, by count only the Blizzard games are comparable.


      • Again: From these companies perspectives, why bother with a Native Linux Port? The people who want to game on Linux will, through Wine. So you aren't going to see any significant increase in sales by spending a significant amount of time/money making a native linux port.


        • Latency.

          Not everyone has the skill to config linux. If you do though, you can get latencies down to 0.3ms, and games will be smooth like asm-coded custom hardware arcades. And ofcourse you can put all kinds of modern gpu features on that. I did that with doom3 and I have never played anything as amazing. And that was even with X, and Wayland is going to be better.

          If you are into windows though, which has more SOFTWARE, there is nothing wrong with linux as an OS, then try disabling all the drivers you can. That will reduce latency on windows. And you will have a similar experience. Not as low latency, but close enough to atleast match Amiga 500, which for many is a benchmark of responsiveness. (some crackle at 1.5ms latency). Also windows has some really old drivers for instance, if you run XP which many say has the lowest latency. Try to get updated drivers.

          And mac is typically better for professional work, software wise. 1.5ms latency unproblematic, but games doesn`t seem to run that well, yet, or maybe there is some option I haven`t seen yet. (turning off 3d-desktop?)

          Peace Be With You.
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          • Windows vs Linux

            I have no idea what the thread starter is talking about, the few games I've tried on Linux, be it 3D or 2D, have been running flawless on my system. Might be 'cause I run them on a Desktop with Proprietary drivers on Nvidia cards, both through my custom DWM and on KDE 4.xx in Arch Linux (multilibs) well aware of the usefulness in the "ldd <program>" and "readelf -d <program>" commands.

            And the performance has always been top notch, fact better than on Windows 7/8 with not much of any glitches, unless I run some unmaintained crud from the 90's or WIP games from a git/svn repo.
            Might also be because I'm aware of when a game needs lower/stable clock cycles or affinity to just one CPU core to run good. Only three things I see that really speaks against Gaming on Linux taking off are the following: Sound Architectures, help me good there's a plenty and all of them come with their own PROs and CONs. SLi/Crossfire performance/support. (Nvidia and AMD will certainly need to investigate this) And to be fair, it would be nice if the open source drivers were a real option. But with the Binary Blob it's playable. And the final biggest gripe: POWER-CONSUMPTION! Gaming on a laptop sure isn't recommended by me just yet.

            I have now since gotten rid of Windows because all my favorite games run and look fantastic these days, granted I have their dependencies installed (distributed dependency files sometimes are needed)
            Few games I play on Linux/Wine from time to time.
            Amnesia TDD
            Penumbra Package
            Solarus (Zelda)
            Darkplaces (Quake)
            Skulltag (Doom)
            Trine 1 and 2 <3
            S.T.A.L.K.E.R SoC/CoP
            Metro 2033
            And a few other Humble Bundle thingies.
            Dosbox is also running a lot better for me on Linux.
            So I do wonder where the supposed overhead is coming from for you casuals/trolls complaining. Missing Dependencies, Old Drivers, Buggy Desktop Environments, Buggy packages, BIOS versions or Faulty Hardware? I recommend you work your way through the list in that order.
            It's a normal thing to do when fighting with slow games on Windows, Linux distributions aren't better in that regard when stuff is running crappy, but at least you won't have to worry about anti-virus software destroying the games installation...


            • Originally posted by dyrvere View Post
              And to be fair, it would be nice if the open source drivers were a real option. But with the Binary Blob it's playable.
              Interesting, I have run and played through almost all of the games on your list on my system with the free R600 Gallium 3D drivers. And these are the system supplied drivers on Fedora 16 - not the latest git or custom built packages. Now, I did have to grab the libtxc_dxtn package and I have set certain options such as "ColorTiling", "SwapbuffersWait", and "EnablePageFlip" in my Xorg.conf (which I had created anyway for other reasons). But I have ran and played them just fine. Maybe not as fast as they would be with the blobs, but they are perfectly playable, and some of the titles I am even running on a system that is below spec. Just saying...


              • Linux gaming

                The state of OpenGL, the reign of DirectX, all of the hardware related issues and software gaps for any system are not the largest problems in the lack of development today...

                Windows is the major platform because it WAS the major platform, it has history of success for investors, the people that really need to have that warm and fuzzy. We have a downturn in economic systems all over the world, but particularly in America, so there is just not the kind of money sitting around for someone to say, "you know, I'm rich out of my mind, lets unify the API for Linux and crank out crazy new games that Linux users will pay for." This just isn't going to happen in the climate of the industry today. Seeing different companies, the latest being Valve, whom I love, enter the fray doesn't impress... lots of companies start off, but look at the track record of how they finish.

                We represent a much smaller market, so going in, all developers know that they are making less money to produce the same game they already make money off of in Windows. Also, there is the console gaming market, that offers an alternative for Linux users to buy into. Say what you want about it, the only people I have ever successfully switched to Linux are console only gamers. Linux gaming is like a free Tibet and a legalized marijuana, it's a clever slogan that people say, but no one is getting rich doing any of those things, and that is why they are still the way they are.


                • In a way this is a silly thread as the desktop as platform itself is becoming less and less relevant, that said however its up to us as a community to carve a future use for GNU/Linux as a gaming platform and take on the ps3/xbox if thats what the community wants

                  the free operating system itself is more than up to the job - it just needs the titles and a little work on free drivers


                  • Strong

                    Maybe linux is a very weak system for gaming. But I for one, I'll stick with it no matter what. So, if those big guys really want my money, then they better code real good for linux since is the only way they'll ever get it.


                    • Well I'm using Lubuntu too and it's faster in gaming performance than in Windows 7 x64.

                      I must admit since Valve has been making the driver developers to work more on performance, this has helped.

                      I'm using Lubuntu with the Quantal repo making it 12.10, using Linux kernel 3.5.0-16.24 (linux-image with linux-headers), AMD Catalyst 12.9. Use sysv-rc-conf in terminal to turn off startup applications on the default runlevel 2 and use desktop session settings GUI application for configuring startup applications with a LXDE session. Do all this and you should have a faster pc.


                      • More FPS in linux.

                        Valve wrote higher FPS in Linux, than windows. Under what configs I don`t know. So to say "weak" is ofcourse completely wrong.

                        Btw, Ubuntu configures their kernels with a lot of uneccesary stuff on, and without low-latency enabled. This results in even 30fps videos playing with framedrops. Those who advocate no-low-latency are actually saying "yes, your DVD mediaplayer will be completely smooth, but.." ? Lol..

                        Lots of known people are into low-latency, including John Carmack.

                        Try also my low-jitter kernel for Ubuntu 12.04.

                        Peace Be With You.


                        • Paradox, is there any plans to shave 3.5.x? I would be interesting to try, even though I've never experienced these jitters, no debugging and such is appealing.


                          • I am running a local shaved 3.6rc. For Ubuntu mainstream kernel, I am using the ubuntu-sources though, which lies a bit behind. (which is normal, for testing, etc.)

                            Peace Be With you.


                            • Btw, page updated with 3.5.4 ubuflavour.

                              Peace Be With You.


                              • default kernel scheduling is pretty low latency as far as i know

                                lower latency kernel + PA (the double abstraction layer) + X's problems (with multithreaded clients) + other poorly written threaded programs (hello console kit) = high jumpy latency

                                proper configuration is the key to lower latency, not voodoo

                                Every Starting Letter In Caps Breaks My Peace, no offense