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FGLRX doesn't recognize 7750M on HP Envy 15

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    Hi, guys. I just ordered mine Envy. I have a couple of questions. According to guys from they have a lot of troubles with it like
    1 - Slight outward protrusion of metal from one usb port on the left. I have pushed this in with a pencil eraser, and it is fine now
    2 - Below keyboard/around top of keyboard (by speaker holes) the metal was bent slightly upwards. A few firm pushes down straightened this out just fine.
    3 - Bottom of screen (By HP logo) the plexiglass seems to not be fully in place.
    Also some of the laptops have faded blue color of the screen.
    So do you have any of these problems with it?

    Also what's about linux compatibility? Is the non working speakers the only issue?

    As for dynamic graphics switching there is an open issue in bumblebee project.