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Fluent 1080p YouTube on AMD Fusion?

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  • Fluent 1080p YouTube on AMD Fusion?

    Is there any way of getting fluent 1080p Youtube playback on AMD Fusion? I'm looking for a solution that preferably works on both an E-350 and E-450. I don't care about the distro or the browser. All I need is a combination that works guaranteed.

    If there is, please let me know how what I need to do to accomplish this.

    Thanks so much!

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    Not a browser solution, but ...
    You could use xbmc (xvba version) and the youtube plugin. This is working great for me.


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      I'm assuming XBMC would use Flash to play that YouTube content, right? In that case, would it be correct to assume that it uses the generic Flash player and that that generic player leverages xvba? If that's the case, you'd say a browser like Firefox (using the generic Flash player) would benefit from xvba's hardware acceleration as well. Can anyone concur? And if so, what Flash player leverages xvba?


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        All is done through ffmpeg. youtube can send h264 since a long time.


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          Darn. Then I'm still looking for that browser solution, which I need for my use case. Thanks, fritsch.


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            Use Youtube's webm option instead of flash?


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              You mean HTML5, right? Does that play 1080p fluently? If so, what do I need? xvba? An does that work on any browser and distro?


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                xvba-sdk is a software development kit: You can use AMD UVD with it.

                We implemented support into a special xbmc version ( This xbmc has a youtube plugin. So nothing browser related, as stated within my first post.


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                  In theory you could try flash 11.3 which comes with chrome 20+ (currently in the chrome beta package) while having the xvba-video wrapper installed. no idea if it is really accellerated already but in the future it should be able to use vaapi.


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                    Pretty sure fglrx doesn't do webm hardware decoding that the youtube html5 version gives you anyway.

                    What I would do:

                    Install fglrx, mplayer with vaapi patch, the vaapi->xvba wrapper "xvba-video" and install the gecko-mediaplayer (or another player plugin with vaapi support) browser plugin.
                    Use firefox + greasemonkey and a script that replaces the youtube flash player with an embedded video file. Something like (don't know if this script works, there are many).

                    Play a youtube video so gecko-mediaplayer is started, then you get a config in .config/gecko-mediaplayer/gecko-mediaplayer.conf or maybe in ~/.mplayer/config in the gnome-mplayer section, no idea... Should be possible to configure it with the gui you get on right click - settings too...

                    Put in the config
                    and you should get hardware decoding for h.264.

                    Gives you no annotations and stuff, just the video.


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                      That has the downside that Youtube changes their page layout quite often, breaking those userscripts.


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                        Interesting approach ChrisXY. Luckily I can do without the userscripts, since -to be more specific- I need to play video on my own site, e.g. using the YouTube chromeless player. But it seems I might have to look for a different player that I can use on my site and that uses mplayer. Any ideas if there is such an embeddable player?


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                          Originally posted by plind View Post
                          You mean HTML5, right? Does that play 1080p fluently? If so, what do I need? xvba? An does that work on any browser and distro?
                          To my knowledge, Firefox has HTML5 video tag caching issues, only Chrome 17+ has solved it.
                          Also, a lot depends on browser itself, if it accelerates the video itself.
                          For example, my second machine is a old p4 2.4, which uses 100% cpu in firefox, because driver acceleration is disabled.
                          Yet, if I download the video and play it via VLC using basic Xv, this same video causes only 20% CPU load.