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non-smooth window movement on gnome 3 and Unity

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    this is a solution that works on archlinux really well, and maybe would work for your system too

    echo "export CLUTTER_VBLANK=none" > ~/.profile
    then reboot or restart x server


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      Originally posted by odror View Post
      Your card is faster than mime. I have 4 monitors 2 at 2560x1440 and one at 1920x1200 and a fourth at 1920x1080. The demand on my system is higher. May be that is the problem. My cores do not saturate, at least one works at 60-70%. What driver do you use and which version.
      I have the same issue with an i5 2500k + 7970 + triple monitor desktop @ 5760x1200 in Gentoo with the 12.4 drivers and Gnome 3.2. 3D acceleration works great (testing with Unigine Heaven), but 2D is atrocious. Given the speed of the 7970, I can't imagine the (lack of) rendering capability is the limitation.


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        I to have been experiencing the same problems, and have tracked it back to possible kernel problem. I have check and top and compiz are using a very large amount of memory and cpu. It's not just AMD drivers or any other problems. Many different CPUs and video cards have been tested and it's not any one system. There have already been a number of bug reports on this.

        I had to resort back to using OpenBox, and still my CPU usage is a bit higher then normal.


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          Your issue could be due to a number of causes. I pulled my hair out trying to solve an issue with identical symptoms to yours not that long ago. Dragging windows resulted in visual stuttering under compiz. The root cause was that I had a super-de-duper-gee-whiz mouse (RAT 7), and the high polling rate was causing compiz to resync a thousand times per second. Manually reducing the mouse polling rate (or using a cheap mouse) resolved the issue.

          Give it a shot if you have a high resolution mouse.. It's a simple cut/paste to the terminal to try it out. You can set it at boot/login using whatever method suits your distro and disposition.