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AMD Catalyst A.I. Useless Under Linux?

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    Originally posted by Sonadow View Post
    Also, having come from a Windows evironment some 5 years ago before making the switch, I can safely say that some games exhibit issues under Catalyst AI, but run fine when it is disabled. So AMD's reputation for subpar drivers is rather well known among the users in every OS's camp.
    Sometimes it's also vice versa. Games do not work well without the fixes integrated by Catalyst A.I.


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      Originally posted by ChrisXY View Post
      It would be good if we at least had a list of applications that are supposed to be "improved" by Catalyst AI.

      Also, if Catalyst AI is supposed to only "improve" such games as the original doom3, then why would it try to interfere with the benchmarked games in the article?
      Last I knew, you didn't get checks for free.
      It has to check the programs, and that imposes overhead automatically.