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XBMC Project Implements AMD XvBA Interface

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    I just put together an HTPC using an Asus E45M1-l mini-itx board (AMD Fusion E-450). I just wanted to say thanks, fritsch, for all the work you and the others are doing on this.

    The FGLRX drivers are horrid on the Desktop, but XBMC works beautifully with this XvBA implementation. The E45M1-l is a fanless board, and both CPU and GPU cores stay under 50 degrees celcius while playing HD content. CPU usage never goes much above 25%. The picture is also nice and flicker free.

    I plan on switching over to the FOSS drivers in the future once the power management improves, and the Radeon VDPAU tracker supports H264. In the mean time, this will do nicely. I have experience a crash or two during my testing, but I think that can't be helped with FGLRX.