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AMD Catalyst 11.10 Linux Driver Released

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    Which Version of Fedora 16 u r Using

    Originally posted by nazgul77 View Post
    11.11 has been released

    The build succeeded on fedora 16, lets reboot
    Which Version of Fedora 16 u r Using(Gnome or any Other)?
    Cause I've heard F15 or F16 with Gnome 3 Doesn't Work with Catalyst 11.11.


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      Catalyst 11.11 drivers Working with Fedora 16 KDE

      First you must download the package available here. . You have to download the updates with the command:

      # yum upgrade

      Although one of the updates are installing a new kernel you have to reboot the computer and Entert Fedora Verne KDE with the new kernel.

      After this update you should install the kernel headers and the GCC compiler:

      # yum install gcc kernel-headers kernel-devel

      At this point you must exit the graphics mode with this command:

      # init 3

      From here, log in as root with the command cd to the directory where you downloaded the drivers and run the command:

      # bash ./

      Follow the onscreen instructions and restart the computer at the end with the command:

      # reboot

      When you restart you can finally enjoy 3D acceleration!

      Check your Graphics working with these commands :


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        Originally posted by symcracker View Post
        Will the Catalyst 11.11 Works with Fedora 15 Gnome Version 3 ?
        Anybody out there with success?
        My Card is Radeon HD 3870.
        No it will not unless you switch from Gnome to KDE and if you switch to KDE i would recommend to use the 11.10 catalyst which runs very smoothly. The 11.11 catalyst is performing worse.


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          Originally posted by symcracker View Post
          Cause I've heard F15 or F16 with Gnome 3 Doesn't Work with Catalyst 11.11.
          Catalyst 11.11 is basically working with F16 and Gnome3.
          There are no severe graphics corruptions. But it is not a smooth experience. Display
          in general is a bit choppy (it is fine for the fallback mode and for the XFCE desktop, tough).
          Sometimes there is graphics corruption in the overview mode for the background.

          Occasionally gnome-shell crashes (I do not know the root cause), but the X server
          and fglrx never crashed for me since the day of the 11.11 release.


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            Suspend working/failing seems to be more often a matter of BIOS than anything else. My cousin has a nVIDIA gpu that is supposed to be all roses according to what you read around these forums and it doesn't suspend/hibernate, not even in Windows. My AMD system with HD4200 IGP suspends/hibernates all the time perfectly using FGLRX and Radeon OSS drivers.

            What I'm trying to say is that if your system doesn't suspend properly, it probably never will.


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              I was able to use Gnome 3 on Fedora 15 with Catalyst 11.8. worked amazingly well.


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                Anyone happen to know if this version supports