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AMD 8.38.6 Display Driver Released -- The Least To Report On Driver In Two Years

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    Did custom modelines ever get put back in? I gave up and stopped paying attention a while back. I can't use any non-native widescreen resolutions with my 1920x1200 screen with fglrx. The OSS drivers used to work for this without custom modelines, but in Ubuntu 7.04 X crashes when I change resolution with the OSS driver.


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      i just noticed that when i use -vo gl or -vo gl2 (in mplayer) my system gradually slows down to a crawl when watching HD videos. no memleaks or something. just the video starts to lag, and skip. after closing mplayer my system is very unresponsive for a couple of minutes, and suddenly it gets back up. usually after i exit to text mode.

      usually a Xserver restart helps. damn, what's wrong ?

      i usually work in console mode. but if i were an X junkie things might be bad.
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        This version, just like the previous 4-5 months' releases, is a joke.

        I had to laugh so hard when I read that ATI is interested in a Quake Wars linux client when not even Doom 3 works swiftly with fglrx.

        What a f***ing joke! Who cares about "video tearing" when the driver doesn't even START on recent distributions?
        So~ true! But even if it would start on Xorg 1.3 the video tearing problem wouldn't matter for Xv is broken/unstable too. For several releases I might add. 8.33.* was the last time I could use Xv.

        Bugs and regressions, that's all ATI is capable of. I'm waiting for the release that blows up TV-out support so that I finally no more reason to use fglrx.


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          I had to laugh so hard when I read that ATI is interested in a Quake Wars linux client when not even Doom 3 works swiftly with fglrx.
          same here. i didn't laugh but i was unconvinced. doom3 and quake4 came out on linux, and what did ati do about it?

          i barely squeezed 10fps on x300 and ~15fps on x1300 on linux in d3 and q4 respectively. i know that those aren't fast cards, but that was really bad. i mean, my friend played those games with no problems on older ati cards. on windows, of course.

          i simply had to use ultra-high-fps-ultra-low-detail custom configs found on some gaming forums to actually play the games with acceptable fps.

          fortunately i don't game too much on pc. when opensource avivo driver gets some 2d acceleration (maybe also xv) and won't need fglrx to setup the registers first, i'll kiss fglrx goodbye for good.
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            The driver does work with Xorg Sever 1.3.


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              on my private computers i was finished with ati, or better i had and will never use ati gfx boards. The big shit is, that my firm is a "Thinkpad-buyer". I have a T43 with an ATI radeon x300.

              No, the latest driver will not run with the FC 7 X.

              I compiled it one hour ago. X still segfaults.

              No, i make no downgrade, i use the radeon module at the moment.

              Sadly, i do not know how to switch to powerstate 1 with the radeon

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                Originally posted by Nine View Post
                No, the latest driver will not run with the FC 7 X.
                What's so special about FC7's X server?
                The driver DOES run with xorg-server 1.3, latest linux rc release
                and quite well too (no problems with XVideo and Postal2 under
                The CCC still won't run but I can live without it.


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                  Hmm havent tried xv in a couple releases. Are you sue it works? I can confirm that fglrx wirks fine with xorg 1.3(probably vanilla) on Arch. CCC works for me btw


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                    Originally posted by Raven3x7 View Post
                    CCC works for me btw
                    It's a XCB issue (from the error I gather it is a xlib locking
                    imbalance in the qt3 library the CCC is statically linked against)


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                      Originally posted by sundown View Post
                      You godda be kidding me
                      Still can't understand people aiming for AIGLX when you have the above issue.
                      I agree! Is there any way to fix this at all? It's driving me up the wall. Also Xvideo output is totally corrupted with 8.38.6.


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                        Also Xvideo output is totally corrupted with 8.38.6.
                        it's been this way since 8.36. if it weren't for xorg-server 1.3 incompatibility i would still be using 8.35