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AMD 8.37.6 -- The no R600 or AIGLX Support Version

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    Originally posted by lowlands View Post
    Hi Michael,

    Do you have any information (that you can disclose) if ATI soon will be releasing an updated driver that will fix this issue? Soon meaning something like in the next week or so.

    For ATI: Fedora Core 6 has millions of users. It looks like Fedora 7 will be even bigger. I sincerely hope (and respectuflly encourage you) that you will issue a new release that will fix the problems on Fedora 7 at your earliest convenience.

    AMD will not be deviating from their standard release cycle in order to provide a fix for a distribution that isn't even officially supported by AMD.

    8.38 in June is the best case scenario.
    Michael Larabel


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      Originally posted by yoshi314 View Post
      oh well. talk about timely r600 support. it was supposed to be in a couple of releases ago.
      And you'll wait a while longer, I suspect... R600 support is (currently...) only available with the Orca codebase- which means they've got a lot of tuning and optimization work to do before that will happen.


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        Originally posted by Michael View Post
        AMD will not be deviating from their standard release cycle in order to provide a fix for a distribution that isn't even officially supported by AMD.

        8.38 in June is the best case scenario.
        Which is a bit odd, considering that the distribution in question is the BASIS for the distributions they DO support- they'd be better served to just break down and support Fedora in the first place...


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          This one is almost working, gets closer, some users actually did get it installed, though the deb created, fgrlx-driver (debian sid) is kicking out an error:

          dpkg: regarding fglrx-driver_8.37.6-1_i386.deb containing fglrx-driver:
           xserver-xorg-core conflicts with fglrx-driver
            fglrx-driver (version 8.37.6-1) is to be installed.
          dpkg: error processing fglrx-driver_8.37.6-1_i386.deb (--install):
           conflicting packages - not installing fglrx-driver
          Errors were encountered while processing:
          Oddly enough however, after editing xorg.conf to use fglrx, one user got x to start and show that it's using 8.37.6 as its video driver, but another user failed to get x to start at all. So we dumped live testing and will wait to see what caused that issue.

          All in all, more really bad work from ATI, and unless AMD comes out with a VERY strong statement about a serious change in directions by their new subsidiary ATI re Linux drivers, either Opening the driver source, or, at worst, opening the hardware specs so Linux developers can work on their own, ATI is permanently off our acceptable hardware list. So AMD's announcment better be really good. Not some marketing happy talk, something real. This is total b####t as far as I'm concerned, it's a joke, pathetic, and ATI sucks.

          Whether ATI is incompetent, indifferent, or actually is deliberately pulling back on Linux video driver development as some have suggested makes no difference to end users, the result is the same, you can't count on them, their quality is garbage, and their support non-existent. Only a fool would buy ati today.

          And I definitely am not interested in hearing ATI blame developers who are writing their installers for them for free for any errors, that's total nonsense, ATI needs to test their code that they put out, even when they do get people to write it for them for free, this approach is disgusting, it's almost incomprehensible to me how a company could do this bad a job without actively trying... with one exception, unless they are using bad outsourced programmers, which wouldn't surprise me to see at all, since one of the hallmarks I've seen of bad outsourced guys is terrible to non-existent testing and quality control.
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            Originally posted by gfxdrone View Post
            This is total b####t as far as I'm concerned, it's a joke, pathetic, and ATI sucks.
            I wish they'd listen to us here- they're NOT doing themselves ANY favors with this mess.


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              On the remote chance anyone from ATI cares, here's the xserver-xorg-core version information:

              apt-cache policy xserver-xorg-core
                Installed: 2:
                Candidate: 2:
                Version table:
               *** 2: 0
                      500 unstable/main Packages
                      100 /var/lib/dpkg/status
              If AMD wants to play with the big kid on the block, Intel, they'd better get this driver nonsense sorted out as soon as possible or all those lovely desktop rollouts aren't going to be running amd/ati, they'll be running Intel.

              And if AMD needs some lessons on how to do a good modern hardware based business that also is open and communicates with its users, check out SUN, especially Jonathon Schwartz's blog. AMD is also messing up in this regard with its total failure to communicate in any meaningful way to its users, even if they do get some word to phoronix, as if we should feel so grateful that they even deign go speak to their users in that way.
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                I upgrade my FC6 to F7 last night..

                no aiglx support, bugs in F7...So, It seemed this release means nothing to me~~


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                  this is the second driver release i might call "8.35 does it better". if it weren't for xorg-server-1.3 i'd be back on 8.35, again.

                  now i'm really curious what excuses will ati come up with in the development cycle article, which will come out....someday.

                  it's hard to believe that any company would be actually able to release mediocre drivers for three years straight. they don't do this in the windows world, but linux is a different story.

                  there must be something very wrong groing on with the fglrx development.


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                    Originally posted by Zhenech View Post
                    Ohkay, XVideo is still broken for me (Thinkpad Z61m, X1400).
                    Same here: can't watch a fuc**n movie!!
                    I'm so pissed off
                    Dell Inspiron 6400 X1400 also.
                    How is it possible that newer drivers are worse than older???
                    bleah, i'm disgusted..
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                      Just for the notes, things have improved for me a bit on a Tinkpad T60 (X1400, Gentoo stable with xorg-server 1.2.0) with 8.37 . While xv simply was gone with 8.36, it has reappeared for me with 8.37. It is still broken though, I get colored stripes, the xv window isn't properly hidden by other windows, and when maximized, I get an odd "hanging" effect in playback with the video stopping every second and jumping back a frame (looks like double buffering issue). On the other hand, vsync with opengl now works for me, which it never did before making opengl finally an emergency replacement for xv (which it wasn't before since I find tearing in playback very annoying).

                      Still, I switched back to 8.35 which is the best-working version for me so far.


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                        I, too, have the video playback issues. And we were so keen on this release after its delay


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                          sundown which video card do you have? X1400? On a laptop?
                          Could it be a specific problem? Maybe ATI doesn't know about it, that's why they didn't fix it


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                            i get exactly the same fps numbers with this version..


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                              Mobility Radeon X1600.


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                                This seems to work fine on my Thinkpad T60 (X1400). As far as I can tell, Video display is fine (though I don't have any HD content to test with but SD works fine) and amdcccle can switch screen config on the fly...

                                I stand corrected, tearing still happens, but it's only visible in fast scenes.

                                But at least it compiles cleanly for (once paravirt is deactivated)
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