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Switching between ATI and Nvidia drivers?

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    Originally posted by droidhacker View Post
    First off, you didn't say anything about evergreen... but if you don't mind waiting a few *days*, that should materialize quite quickly in gallium3d. Alternatively, go with an R700 and you have your choice of classic or gallium3d drivers working *now*.

    Second, though there may be a few fringe cases where the blob is more functional/compatible with a particular application than the open source driver, there are FAR FAR FAR more cases where the blob (doesn't matter whose blob) will fail miserably while the open source driver will operate smoothly.
    Evergreen = R600, it works out of the box on ubuntu 12.04 with FOSS drivers, the only exception being HDMI Audio, as far as I could see.
    And it's slow, of course.


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      For those interested you can run 2 graphic on the same system at least using Gentoo.
      These are the combination I have used:
      fgrlx, fgrlx (you need to find out which one needs to be initialized first and run your Xs in that order)
      intell,fglrx (my current setup)

      As for nvidia and intell drivers it did not work.
      When I loaded intel and nvidia I got blank screen.

      I wonder if there is a way to assign specific driver to specific card to run fgrlx and radeon on the same time.


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        fglrx mainly replaces the libgl file. so it might work when you change the gl search path for the 2nd monitor. nvidia however replaces much more from the stack. it might not be impossible but at least you have to play with ld-libary-path overrides there. when you think of bumblebee thats one part of it you ran 2 drivers the same time and override the path to use the dedicated card.