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Video reproduction isn't good with ATI Catalyst drivers

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    Originally posted by expectATIon View Post
    Thanks for this information DarkFoss. This has improved my experience of Catalyst!

    haven't tested it yet but thanks for the advice !


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      your both welcome

      As an aside if your using the kde 4.5 desktop you may want to enable
      Desktop effects and under the advanced tab check the dierct rendering box and the use Vsync box seems to cut down on the black screen stuff with the fglrx driver but not eliminate it in Firefox Chromium and Thunderbird.

      There is one more setting under Application Appearence>style>Fine tuning tab.. Graphical effects there are several options to pick from for my desktop @1920x1080.. I use High Display Low CPU The results can be quite dramatic on your overall responsiveness... no idea what setting would be best for a laptop.
      I suggest playing with them and finding whats best for your set-up.
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