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  • ATI fglrx 8.28.8 Discussion

    ATI fglrx 8.28.8 Linux Driver

    Display Switching Support for IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad Products
    ATI Pairmode Support
    Retaining Display Device State Between Restarts
    New Product Support
    Unified Linux Proprietary Linux Driver

    Yet again ATI Technologies has managed to deliver another feature-packed driver release. Amongst the changes in this month's 8.28.8 release, are a combined i386/x86_64 installer, pairmode option, preserve monitor status across restarts, new product support, and various other changes. We at Phoronix have our usual driver examination and review to share today.
    Michael Larabel

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    And the computer freeze on logout bug is still here When is ATI going to fix this?! It has been around for months and still no fix. I'm very disappointed.


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      FC5 and glxgears

      First of all, I know that glxgears is not a benchmark. But I have installed the new drivers - 8.28.8 - and rebuilt my kernel according to the instructions. glxinfo and the ATI control both show that "Direct Rendering" is enabled. Despite that, glxgears shows a frame rate of only 250 FPS. It is my understanding that it should give a rate of at least an order of magnitude higher.

      Any suggestions?




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        Using a X1400, the 8.28.8 drivers (as with past drivers) is also about 250 FPS. Had you noticed more frames from glxgears in the past? Had you noticed any performance change with fgl_glxgears?

        $ glxgears
        1218 frames in 5.0 seconds = 243.506 FPS
        1250 frames in 5.0 seconds = 249.998 FPS
        1250 frames in 5.0 seconds = 249.998 FPS
        1252 frames in 5.0 seconds = 250.398 FPS
        Michael Larabel


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          Before the upgrade, the rate was about 200 FPS. fgl_glxgears gives about 500 FPS:

          Using GLX_SGIX_pbuffer
          2283 frames in 5.0 seconds = 456.600 FPS
          2441 frames in 5.0 seconds = 488.200 FPS
          2453 frames in 5.0 seconds = 490.600 FPS

          It's worth noting that the animation is extremely fast and smooth. Before the upgrade, there were pauses and it was "jerky". So, it's obvious that it has caused some improvement, but it seems slow compared to other comments I've seen about glxgears FPS rates.




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            Glxgears (yes it's not a benchmark, got it) scores prior to the 8.27.10 driver:

            approx 1200fps

            Glxgears for 8.27.10 and 8.28.8: 242

            Fgl_glxgears prior to 8.27.10:

            approx 350

            Fgl_glxgears for 8.27.10 and 8.28.8: 268

            System: Hp/Compaq nc6000 w/ Radeon Mobility 9600 64MB dedicated.

            Pretty much both have gone down.
            Linux Game Native Versions: Ut2k4 scores have gone up slightly, Doom3 has gone down slightly.

            The above is using Suse Linux Enterprise Desktop 10

            Hope this helps.


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              Frame Rates

              That's interesting. I was reading notes by other people, quoting frame rates between 1000 and 3000. So, when I ran it on mine and saw that it was around 500 - at the best - I thought I must have a serious problem. But, it sounds like my numbers are not unreasonable.




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                I'm getting:
                3454 frames in 5.1 seconds = 679.893 FPS
                3400 frames in 5.1 seconds = 672.152 FPS
                3480 frames in 5.1 seconds = 683.893 FPS
                and that is with the xorg radeon driver with software openGL (mesa)

                It seems the new driver works for xpress 1x00. No mention of xpress 200 though. Another one of those long unfixed bugs


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                  Michael, do you have any kind of information concerning the expected timeframe/release for a driver that supports the GL_EXT_texture_from_pixmap extension?


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                    I have yet to receive any official word regarding that OpenGL extension from ATI. I would personally hope the support is delivered by/with the 8.30 fglrx drivers.
                    Michael Larabel