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ATI and Linux compatibility

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    Originally posted by PsynoKhi0 View Post
    Video playback works just fine for me with either openGL output, or with Xv output with the new Direct2D accel turned on.

    Wine also works just fine for me once the OffscreenRenderingMode registry key is set to "backbuffer".

    I have yet to run into a significant problem with the installer in the last 2 years I've used it.

    The sheer stupidity of the above comment regarding the OSS drivers doesn't even warrant a reply.
    Well, unlike you I still have taring although I haven't enabled the alpha/beta quality new 2D acceleration and will not do so until it's in a release state.

    As to installation: lulz. Seems like at least, every other install has some sort of problems under linux. And for added fun mix in some regressions every 2-3m and/or plain broken things.

    OTOH the Windows(Vista 32b) 10.5 and install was the MOST pleasant experience that I've had with Catalyst to date. The install recovered and restarted the drivers all by itself whereas it used to phail hard at the recover step. Haven't bothered benchmarking anything yet, and this means nothing to linux as the linux Catalyst driver uses different installation methods and video playback in windows was always OK although there were/are some coloration oddities whihc I am still not sure if it's because of the LCD panel or the driver...

    OSS: ah, another zealot I see. Nothing stupid about it. It's purely a political play on AMD's part as evidenced in the quote. Further AMD is now VERY quick to drop support for older GPUs while nVidia supports them pretty far back. Granted they may not have all the features of newer cards for obvious reason, but OTOH older AMD GPUs are now dumped to the OSS support or ancient proprietary drivers which likely will not function on more recent linux distros after they're a year or so old.