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Missing Overscan option fglrx 10.3

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    Originally posted by rx78gp03 View Post
    Actually i have the same problem too. Until i installed 10.3 driver everything works fine (there is overscan option) and the HDTV was detected. Now its become a Projector??? and overscan feature gone (Windows version of 10.3 driver still detecting HDTV, and overscan option featured).

    I'm using HD4670, with DVI -> HDMI dongle. The HDTV is 2009 Panasonic TH-L32S10X, 32" with 1920x1080 native resolution.

    Btw the last overscan option showed up on linux fglrx CCC on my system is on 9.12 version. I was hoping 10.3 will fix that, but now shows a Projector
    you sould test this on ubuntu 10.04 with the 10-4 final catalyst !

    thats because no one have any interest in 10.3 amd only dev on 2 versions in the future (10-5 beta 10-6 alpfa is right now in dev)and only the bugreports in the betadriver team can do relevant bugreports for this versions!

    a bugreport for 10.3 do have zero sense for the future drivers thats because 10-4 is allready stable in ubuntu 10.04 and the catalyst 10-5 is allready finish right now there will be no chances in 10-5 until release!

    the only chances goes into the 10-6 catalyst right now.

    in short words: bugreports on old catalyst versions do not make any sense ! only the newest version 10-4 have a little sense but not realy because the beta driver team test 10-6 and 10-5 is allready finished..

    install ubuntu 10.04 install catalyst 10-4 and bugreport for the right version again!


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      As you have got a 1080p tv then you normally can set the picture to unscaled.


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        I found a workaround for the ati overscan problem here: