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New Fglrx is out

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    Well, I spoke too soon. The temps were better by a few C over the open source, but the video quality was crappy for flash. I can play full screen 1080p with the open source no problems, with the fglrx driver it was extremely jumpy and hanging the system. Very odd. I also noticed that even just moving windows around the screen caused some redrawing that was way too noticeable.


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      My understanding was that people were working on it, but now I have one person saying "yes" and one saying "no"

      I bought an HD5670 for trying out the open source drivers, but the board is actually still sitting on my dining room table. I can give it a try with fglrx, I guess.

      No, I haven't traded it in for an NVidia card.


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        Maybe you need some friends to show you the benefit of vdpau


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          I guess...

          It's not clear where vdpau is going to help me though, given that downloaded video and dial-up internet aren't really the most compatible things in the world.

          Blu-ray discs go in the Blu-ray player and show up on the big screen. Call me a luddite if you must


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            Well all you need is broadband, then you can try several cool things like xbmc, maybe combined with navi-x. i modified that a tiny bit to show max res youtube videos which look much better than using a webbrowser. xbmc can directly use vdpau. works also great for m2ts - including subtitle support. vlc has got also subtitle support for m2ts, that would in theory work with xvba because it used a vaapi backend. In theory because i tested it today again it was broken - even with simple l4.0 encoded h264 from youtube (vlc git can even open directly youtube urls). When you would add your pc to your tv then it would be much cooler. But without broadband you loose lots of features thats clear.


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              Yeah... on the continuum of communication speeds, my internet connection is closer to the VLF used for submarine communication than to modern broadband.


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                You should try to get FTTH.