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me too :fglrx underscan problem

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    I'm thinking this whole discussion might be a bit of a red herring, ie it might be about getting the driver to display the resolution & timing your display needs rather than being about underscan/overscan.

    Unless your display resolution is recognized as a standard HDTV res then underscan won't kick in and any associated controls (eg the slider maybe) won't be visible. Sorry I just noticed this now, I hadn't picked up on the resolutions before.


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      I'm not really sure about what you mean.
      I know the native Res. is 1024x768. But it can Display up to 1920x1080. I thought the important part is that CAN Display all HD resolutions.
      So my understanding of the situation is.
      Fglrx ist running in 1280x1024 but the size of the Frame is now reduced and positioned in the upper left corner.

      BTW: When I chose the HDMI part of the Soundcard in alsa there's still no sound over HDMI. For now I'm using SPDIF but HDMI would be "nicer".
      Any hints ?