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Catalyst 10.1 "faster 2D"?

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    Originally posted by RealNC View Post
    xvba is not intended to be used in the way you guys use it. It's not even supported by AMD. There's nothing to mature.
    It is supported by AMD and it has to mature. There is no other secret XvBA run-time library. So, what you have in the Catalyst drivers is what others have too, embedded customers or not.


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      If you think so.


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        xvba is supported by AMD - but not on a desktop pc. It's intended for their embedded market. This was made clear from the very first announcement of it - people seem to have assumed that it would also be released for a pc, but that was never stated by AMD.


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          Just to be clear, XvBA was conceived and implemented for our embedded customers, but we understand there is interest in having similar capabilities on consumer PCs.

          Making XvBA work well for our embedded customers is our first priority, however as gbeauche said there's only one XvBA so any improvements and fixes we make for embedded use will generally benefit everyone. The "embedded vs consumer PC" distinction really affects *which* issues get looked at first.
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