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Triple monitor options.

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    Originally posted by tball View Post
    I don't know if this is useful information.
    But I got fglrx working with my tv (hdmi) + crt (vga) + the my laptop panel without any problems. With compositing too.

    xrandr works quite nice with the fglrx drivers. But you probably have to buy a gfx card with three outputs.
    But what type of multi-display do you use?
    I'm experimenting with an ATI FirePro 2450, which is a quad-head.
    So far, multi-display with an extended desktop perspective only works for 2 monitors.. the third one is forced to stay as "single desktop"...

    I downloaded the latest ATI drivers btw...

    Any tips would be most welcome :X

    P.S.: With extended desktop with 2 monitors + single desktop i do have compiz