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HD4770 on Linux with Catalyst <= 9.4

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    Originally posted by lem79 View Post
    .. might be the same 128mb RAM detected thing that you're experiencing droidix? The correct amount of RAM (512mb) is detected in amdcccle however.
    It might sounds like the ID games are having trouble detecting the correct amount of RAM, did you try to force it to use 512?


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      Originally posted by EneergE View Post
      Do any of you experience this bug I reported:
      Do you mean just the Xorg process (as seen in top)? I tried maximising Firefox a few times, a terminal with transparency, and also shading (rolling up?) the terminal, no real change in memory usage, virtual, resident or shared.

      Running Jaunty (9.04), Catalyst 9.4 (with build-pkg Ubuntu/jaunty), on a Gigabyte HD4770 512mb.


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        I'm new to ATI on Linux (well, on my own machine anyway), I wonder if this is what I'm going to have to get used to...

        I run Compiz. I love it, best window manager ever. Metacity is crap in comparison, and feels clunky to use (same with Windows ). I also like to play a game or two occasionally. I just tried firing up Scorched3D with everything maxed and 4xAA, windowed at 1440x900 on a 1680x1050 display (HD4770 with Catalyst 9.4, says Unsupported hardware lower right)

        First, the Gnome panels stopped. Next, Scorched stopped. Then when I tried to Ctrl-Alt-F1, the mouse pointer stopped. I'm not sure if this is because the driver doesn't support this card, or if I'm pushing the bug buttons of fglrx? I could at this point Alt+SysRq sync unmount sync reboot. That worked.

        Now this I wouldn't usually get tooo upset about hitting a lockup bug, but I was about 75% through a 3Gb file download with Firefox (Windows 7 RC actually, legit from MS). Firefox's file handling sucks I've found. I lost the few gigs that I had got already.

        The other thing I'll whinge about here is VMware with OpenGL/DirectX9 acceleration under Windows XP x86 while Compiz is running is the same as video playback + composite was. i.e. they compete for the display and flicker like mad.

        The HD4770's compiz experience also isn't as smooth as my 7900GT's, and it's about a 3x faster card. Makes no sense (well it does, fglrx < nvidia's driver).

        I know things are improving. So let me put my vote in for making the Linux composited desktop experience on ATI as smooth as it is on nVidia (which is absolutely silken perfect, even when OpenGL apps are open, and videos playing, etc until you hit the compute power limit of the gfx card in use).