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9.04 + 4870x2 = messed up desktop, Please help

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  • 9.04 + 4870x2 = messed up desktop, Please help

    Hello there !

    I am total noob and extremly exited about Ubuntu. I have very powerfull card installed on my system 4870x2 and looks like I am having problems with it.

    After installation on Ubuntu I got informed that proprietary drivers are available for my ATI video card and I clicked okay for download and install. After restart right on moment when I would see desktop I see messed up screen and looks like system, freeze too. After that I format hard drive and install Ubuntu again and decided to download drivers from AMD web site. Installed it via very nice GUI and after reboot EXACTLY same thing happened. I mean even screen looked exactly messed up like before, you know sometimes it get messed up totally randomly ? No this one is same as before. Guys please help me out here I don't know what to do, I also tried to download 9.2 drivers but on install it saying that this version on Ubuntu not supported by 9.2 (something like that)

    Here is my system specs I hope you can help out. Right now I am in Ubuntu with no ATI stuff installed I did reformat hdd again cause I could not login again because of messed up screen.

    Mobo: Asus P6T Deluxe
    CPU: i7 920
    RAM: GSkill 1333 3x2gb sticks 6gb total
    Video: Asus 4870x2 TRI_FAN design
    Monitor: 24' ASUS 1920x1080
    PSU: Antex-1000 w1000

    I really down know what else to mention all I know is I think If I can remember at some point of time I had Ubuntu few versions before and it worked fine with my card. Again I "THINK". I hope guys you can help.

    Thank you very much in advanced !

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    IF this already been discussed somewhere please point me to right direction. I have few posts here also. Again I am a noob so again I am very sorry if I can't do anything with troubleshooting wise.


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      Here is video on what is going on + Pictures.



      This is screen I see. Nothing is working all keys are dead...caps lock or anything else is not working.
      I hope it helps.


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        Exactly the same problem where with my 4850x2. My screen looks basically exactly the same. (OR I get a blank screen with nothing.)

        I use a 4850x2 AND a single 4850 in "tri-fire". I thought that it might have something to do with using triple cards or having two monitors. But I've tried with only 1 monitor and only the 4850x2 card. It will not work.

        I might be able to get a single 4850 to work; but that would kind of defeat the purpose of owning 3 GPU.

        So I wait... hopefully this will get fixed in 9.5. I've tried turning off RandR and setting everything manually in the xorg.conf file, but that did not work.

        NOTE: The same problem existed on both the older 8.10 Ubuntu and the newer 9.04 Ubuntu.
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          I ve been reading on our problem and I actually went to IRC channel with a lot of "PROS" in there and here what I find out. To be short and without any technical stuff they told me that we can't just install drivers with ATI installer or with internal Ubuntu restricted driver package because it simply does not work. Why they (ATI) released installer still unknown for me but. They told me in order for all of us using R700 (it's 4800 series) card we need to compile out own drivers and not just them. Installation is very complicated process, so complicated I can't find a SINGLE tutorial on where they saying okay... Step 1 install ubuntu , step 2 Do this ,step 3 do that... everything is SOOOOO washed out that I don't think there is people that know what or how to do, otherwise we would of have few answers by now. And best answer I got is this. Wait till AMD officially support Linux and Wait for new drivers.

          So if anyone our there successfully installed driver and your R700 card work in 9.04 ubuntu with 2D and 3D please let us know cause we need real help here.

          Thank you !


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            I used the installer to created packages and then used the packages to install. As far as I know this process does build new drivers using whatever the available kernel is that is on your system.

            But this didn't solve the problem either.

            Besides the same exact problem we have happens with 8.10 (right after installation from the CD) Supposedly 8.10 is completely supported and doesn't need a new driver built.

            They definitely have something broken. With Ubuntu 8.10 I could load 9.2 (using the package method) and it worked. 9.3 never worked correctly and 9.4 won't work at all.


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              I have the same problem, here is my setup:

              Mobo: Asus P6T6 Workstation
              CPU: i7 965
              RAM: GSkill 1600 3x2GB
              Video: Saphhire 4870x2
              Monitors: 24' Samsun 1920x1200 and 45 Sharp LCD Aquos
              OS: openSUSE 11.1 64 bit

              I've tried with both monitors one at a time and same result. So far I've tried all the ATI drivers release this year (9.1 to 9.4) but no luck. The only one that works so far is 8.12 version from December. Even then there is flicker when watching movies not in full screen. HDMI audio doesn't work with some apps. Very frustrating. Sorry, I don't have any work arounds except try the 8.12 version, it is not perfect like the windows version but gets my work done. All work and no play on linux


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                Come on REALLY >?<

                I was thinking by this time someone who know something will let us know. What I am trying to say is: As you can see we are exited enough to get in to linux scene so we are not just your avarage users, let say me I am system analyst with over 12 years of professional expirience but all this translated in to knowlege of hardware and windows platform. And at this point I am kinda confused about what is going on. I mean my first try with linux was back when Mandrake just came out then Mandriva and I do know that this is free platform and all this drivers are beeng made by very people that here with us in chat rooms and forums and they do all that with their free time and they don't get paid for it too. But with all that there is completely no info on specific things. I did found that R600 and R700 supported with I think 1.6 or 1.7 server that comes with Ubuntu 9.04 but at same time it is not supported with drivers. I know it does not make any scence but that's what's up. Does anyone here on this forum know what is going on or at list send us to website that explain what is going on with Ubuntu 9.04 AND R700 cards like 4870x2 (I think all 4800 series in that matter)

                Thank you guys. I hope we'll get some support here cause lack of answers means 2 things. 1 answer is all over the net (can't see that happening) so that's why noone responding or noone really know. IF it's second one I don't see how it's possible cause if you are programmer you can compile and build your own damn drivers ....confused very confused.... and yes I still love Ubuntu ! It rocks !


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                  It sounds like there has been some kind of regression related to the X2 cards which isn't showing up in our testing. Can you please file a bug ticket at ?


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                    Sounds like you may have forgotten the last step when installing the drivers...namely:

                    sudo aticonfig --initial -f
                    I need to do this always when installing a new driver from Ati if I have uninstalled the previous one, or I have ati or radeon driver in use before I install the Ati drivers. The screenshots show exactly like that in 9.04 if I have not done the aticonfig bit. I have a 4870, not 4870x2, but I think this is the case, regardless.


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                      I got a X2 card working this weekend.

                      try this:


                      If you have questions ask here.


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                        Not sure if this will help anyone, but I have identified another problem very similar to the 4870x2 or 4850x2 problems that other people have had. Not sure if it is related or not.

                        Actually I have the following:
                        a 4850x2
                        a single 4850
                        The motherboard has an ATI 3300 on it.

                        I can NOT get LINUX 9.5 or 9.4 to work using the 3 4850 GPUs in crossfire; I have the same lockups shown in the screenshots on page one of this thread. I don't remember the last version that worked... it was either 9.3 or 9.2. Windows Catalyst hasn't had problems for awhile and works fine.

                        Anyway... I've tried everything. Manual install, auto install. Ubuntu repository install. aticonfig this aticonfig that aticonfig the other thing.

                        I finally took out BOTH the 4850x2 and the 4850 cards and booted from the onboard video card: ATI 3300. The linux Catlyst 9.5 driver boots right up works just fine with no problems as long as the onboard 3300 is the only card in the system.

                        THEN I installed the a single 4850 card. BOOM. Weird screen and lockup whether I had the DFI-D plugged into the motherboard's 3300 DVI plug OR the 4850's plug. (Obviously changing the BIOS to tell it where to display.) I also disabled the 3300 onboard video in the bios and it still would not work on the single 4850.

                        This is the same weird screen lock thing that people have seen with 4870x2 and 4850x2 cards; just like xakep posted screen shots of on the first page of this thread.

                        This happens whether the on board 3300 was enabled or disabled in bios. It might have something to do with me not using the onboard plug; but it DEFINITELY has something to do with plugging in a second video card. (and probably is directly related to the "x2" problem since that is basically the exact same thing as having two cards.)

                        I'm sure this isn't a lot of new info... but I thought I'd post my results.
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                          Some good news.

                          People at IRC #ATI channel confirmed that upcoming 9.5 drivers will support R600 and R700 based cards with full 2D Acceleration there is no word on 3D but I have a feeling there will be partial. The reason I am saying this because full 3D acceleration on ATI cards works only with old pre HDxxxx cards. That's my understanding so if I am wrong correct me. Now 9.5 Drivers should of been here already, Friday I've been told the release day it did not happen well let's see what's up cause I was waiting whole day. With full 3.1 OpenGL support things should be much better from now on. Who knows in 3-4 releases we may see nice working and tweaked out driver for Ubuntu

                          Cheers !


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                            IT's here 9.5 !!!

                            IT is not on website yet but I manage to get you a link

                            here it is !



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                              Originally posted by XAKEP View Post
                              People at IRC #ATI channel confirmed that upcoming 9.5 drivers will support R600 and R700 based cards with full 2D Acceleration there is no word on 3D but I have a feeling there will be partial. The reason I am saying this because full 3D acceleration on ATI cards works only with old pre HDxxxx cards. That's my understanding so if I am wrong correct me.
                              Is there any chance you're mixing status of the open and closed drivers ? The Catalyst driver (closed source) has supported 3D acceleration on HD2xxx and above boards for a long time; it's the *open* source Mesa driver which is just picking up HD (6xx/7xx) support now.

                              A few people have reported crashes running HD4xxx X2 boards with Catalyst and Ubuntu Jaunty, maybe that's what you're thinking of ? AFAIK those problems are specific to Jaunty support and do not occur on Intrepid.

                              Originally posted by XAKEP View Post
                              Now 9.5 Drivers should of been here already, Friday I've been told the release day it did not happen well let's see what's up cause I was waiting whole day.
                              Just curious, where are you getting these release dates ? I know some people expect us to release on the same date every month but that's not the way it works.
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