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fglrx 9.4 causes Xorg crash

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  • fglrx 9.4 causes Xorg crash

    Hello folks,

    Recently (today) upgraded Xorg to the latest in Debian/Sid (7.4/1.6.1 i believe), and upgraded also the fglrx driver to 9.4. Unfortunately, now, Xorg won't start anymore. If started, I see my screen flicker once, then stay eternally black. SSH works, I can get on the box. Here's what's in my dmesg:

    Anyone any idea what I can do to try to fix this?

    Recent radeonhd git pull won't compile currently against Xorg 1.6, so I'm fsck'ed there too.

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    I've also got similar problem but with 1.5.3 server and catalyst < 8.12.
    I've managed to enter my desktop putting Option "noDRI" "true" in Device section, but performance is very low meybe someone has solution???


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      Dude I have beent trying to get Freakin Linux and ATI to work for over a month now. 4870X2 and latest Ubuntu, Fedora, Suse and used 9.4 driver. Its crap


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        thats due to the used kernel 2.6.29 patch, with 2.6.28 kernel there are no errors, the xserver does not matter.


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          uh ok for Linux Noobs what would I need to do?


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            You have got a different issue. The kernel is definitely no problem with U 9.04, as you only can use the default or the 9-4 fglrx driver you have to wait for next release. With another distro, for example mine, you could try older fglrx drivers too.


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              I am probably going to stick with Fedora 11 which is due in 12 days...
              Any ideas on how not to screw up my system but have 3d with my 4870x2?


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                A distro with Xserver 1.6 will not allow you to use older drivers. You need Xserver 1.5 or older (like Lenny with 1.4.2) to try older drivers or a newer driver.


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                  I want to try the new stuff so old drivers or distros are irrelevant...


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                    So will ATI 9.5 fix this?