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How long before I can play 3D games WHILE running compiz!?

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    If you run the work-in-process next generation open code (KMS+GEM/TTM+DRI2+radeon-rewrite) then 3D redirects properly so you can get flicker-free 3D under Compiz (and your 3D apps spin on the Compiz cube).
    Where do I get this, and is it easy to install and reliable?


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      If you have an app which doesn't work properly in fullscreen the easiest workaround for now seems to be wrapping the app with a script to turn off compiz, run the app, then re-enable compiz after the app finishes. I haven't played with it much but here's a link :

      This approach is useful even if you don't have a flicker problem, since running a compositor does eat some GPU cycles. If you have a big screen and a small GPU (either a 4-pipe GPU or a narrow / slow memory bus) the overhead from compositing can be pretty significant.