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ATI dropping support for <R600 - wtf!?

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  • Originally posted by adamk View Post
    Having a legacy branch that is never updated to support newer kernels and X servers is not much different from dropping support entirely.
    Michael is writing from a purely Linux point of view. We have a single source tree which is used to support a number of OSes. The entire tree is being moved into a legacy branch, including the Linux code. Right now we only plan to make Windows releases off that branch AFAIK.

    Strictly speaking the common code in that branch *will* be updated but since we don't plan to make Linux releases off the branch it's easier to say "won't be updated" (or it just gets too hard to explain ).

    Originally posted by adamk View Post
    If you are thinking that the open source approach will be best approach come June or September, does that mean there are plans to tackle the s3tc issue in that time frame?
    It's odd, but s3tc has never really come up in discussion. Let me look into it. I think you're saying that the app is expecting the driver to *compress* textures, not just decompress them ? Presumably these are dynamically drawn textures, since static textures would be stored compressed in the first place, wouldn't they ?

    Originally posted by adamk View Post
    Is there some sort of development roadmap that users can look at? Over the past few years, I've seen lots of "It'll be done when it's done" answers to questions about time frames for support of specific functionality. Does this mean that there are now official time frames for certain features? While the developers will sometimes give you best guess estimates, they are often off by months/years.
    I don't listen to best-guess estimates any more

    The sequence of events is pretty well defined right now, since the remaining integration tasks pretty much have to happen in a certain sequence, so that's the sequence in which each of the new initiatives will transition from "science project" to "real". KMS/GEM/TTM first, then DRI2/RDR, then power management and Gallium3D work can happen in parallel.

    No official dates, but we don't release official dates for new features in fglrx either.

    Originally posted by adamk View Post
    Are you really that confident that the r300 driver will be up to par with fglrx in terms of 3D performance and power management sometime between June and September?
    Nope, not at all.

    I am fairly confident that ON BALANCE the open source drivers will make a larger chunk of our user base happy than fglrx would with reasonable legacy updates.

    Improvements to 3D require big changes but a lot of that work is well underway. For me the big milestone was seeing Gallium3D merged into master; I agree that's a totally arbitrary and fudgeable milestone but I do have a lot of confidence in the people behind the decision.

    Power management is easier by comparison, since the required info has already been released and the major obstacle is waiting for churn in the kernel to settle down so power management code can be built on top of all the other new stuff.
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    • Will you round up to the nearest 100?
      r580 is close enough to r600 right?

      Yeah I know, no such luck.
      My main concern is if I'll be able to use Windows 7 when it's released.
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      • You should be fine for Windows 7 -- Win 7 will use existing Vista drivers (the WDDM 1.0 interface).

        Native drivers for Win7 (WDDM 1.1) require DX10-capable hardware, ie R600 or higher.

        No rounding allowed there AFAIK.
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        • This also means that upcoming Windows 7 users... won't be able to use the R300-R500 GPU's ... at all. There might be a basic driver provided by Microsoft, but they won't be getting updates. There will be no driver path.
          Win7 users with legacy cards will still receive quarterly driver updates.
          They won't miss anything (Aero,DirectX 9Ex) with these drivers.
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          • Yep, and Microsoft is committed to making sure that existing Vista drivers work well with Win7.

            The native driver interface for Win7 requires DX10-capable hardware, so we won't be making Win7 native drivers for 5xx and older GPUs.