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Warning to users of Catalyst 8.11

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    Originally posted by Zhick View Post
    Nope, 8.552-r2 was definitly the version I installed.
    And I'm not gonna touch that driver again until I've fixed my precious radeon setup... reemerging mesa, radeon, drm and libdrm didn't fix it... I'm using vesa right now. I'm gonna emerge -e @system && emerge -e @world now : /.
    Try re-emerging xorg-server first. See the link in my last comment.


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      Originally posted by dscharrer View Post
      Try re-emerging xorg-server first. See the link in my last comment.
      Sorry, I had overread your first post. :<
      What you say sounds very much like it could be my problem, I'll try it out immediately.
      Edit: Yep, that was it, thanks alot.
      Originally posted by energyman
      And in the future: stay away from unstable stuff, if you can't cope with the problems.
      Hey, I'm not complaining, I had just made bad experiences with the ebuild and thought I'd let others know.
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        I did the only thing that is more or less guaranteed to tell me if it's my setup that's broken. I installed openSUSE 11 on a partition and then Catalyst 8.11. I let it compile the whole generic kernel (huge; it builds two tons of modules). Twice. No crashes.

        I guess that tells me it's not the hardware but something in my Gentoo setup is causing this. That's a bit of a let-down for me since I thought I had a "clean" system (because I know my way around Gentoo.) I probably will revert all packages back to stable ones (I have a few from the "testing branch", "~arch" in other words), revert to default options in my /etc/make.conf and do a full system/world emerge.